While everyone was busy with the Presidential Conference in Israel or CMJ in New York, I decided to check out Efrat Gosh at the JCC, which was co-sponsored by Dor Chadash (why they only sent out a promo email the morning of, I may never know). I have been enamored by this adorable burst of energy since 2006 when I first heard songs off her self-titled debut album on Israeli radio and saw what she could do on the music channel.

Another album and three years later, I had the opportunity to catch Gosh (with her equally adorable and talented pianist) for her first performance in the States.  Dressed impeccably to match her cabaret style, I don’t think 3/4 of the audience knew what to expect (note: until they shouted requests for her final song).

While live her voice had a more – for lack of a better word – Kermit sound than when recorded, she won over the crowd completely when she belted out a tune sans mic.  I know because I heard a “pshhh” from a woman in the front.

After proving her vocal skills, Gosh showed us she could dance as well with a sexy semi-choreographed routine that “looked simpler than it was” and required her to kick off her black sequined heels.  Aside from Gosh’s ability to carry a note for a lengthy bit of time, I really enjoyed the third or fourth song where the line that stood out most was תן לי ×›×— לבכות – give me strength to cry.

After she was well into her set, Gosh performed a sweet and sultry rendition of “You Were Always on my Mind,” apologizing in advance for fumbling on the only English song of the night.  Her performance was an aural and visual delight, as she sang sat on the stage floor, adding a dramatic effect even though it was plain to see that the lyrics were on the floor next to her.

Ending the evening with the upbeat “Moadon Rikudim” Gosh demanded that everyone get out of their seats to dance along with her in typical fashion.  A true entertainer, Efrat Gosh is still the girl to watch.  Check her out for upcoming performances in Boston and D.C. on her US tour.

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