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jerusalemtweetup0ct2009The shuk is going to be hopping this Sunday night as Jerusalem’s twitter community gets together at Cafe Aroma for the world’s only tweet up where you can combine face to face networking, pretty decent espresso and fresh cucumbers. Many of you who have been to Machaneh Yehuda are already familiar with the obvious benefits of this centrally located Jerusalem market – cheap produce, spices, household goods etc. Machaneh Yehuda is also in the midst of an ever increasing process of gentrification that has added high end shops and fancy shmancy cafes into the mix as well. But one of the things you don’t see when visiting is the free almost ubiquitous wifi which is beginning to turn this once impoverished area into somewhat of a tech hub where geeks rub shoulders with Yemenite healer men while planning their next startup.

Thus it only makes sense that the next Jerusalem tweetUP! takes place at Cafe Aroma in the shuk. It’s on aa Sunday at 8:30 pm so you can park IN the actual shuk and afterward, one of the local chi chi cafes has live Jazz and Tapas. So… if you’re in or near Jerusalem, come on down! You can let people know you’re coming or invite others through the facebook events page, or just show up. We don’t care! See ya Sunday night!

Oh and shuk photo credit? Sweet Jahne, aw sweet, sweet Jahne…

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  • where geeks rub shoulders with Yemenite healer men while planning their next startup.

    I highly recommend that Qat juice, actually.