If you’re a Jew of Color and are looking for a shul to call home, your worries are now hopefully over! The Welcoming Synagogues List on the Jewish Multiracial Network offers a list of synagogues multiracial families and individual Jews of color have felt comfortable attending and are now recommending to others. The list ranges from humanist to Reform, Ortho, Recon, Conservative and non-denominational.

The list does not yet include synagogues outside the United States and in Israel. The project is actively looking for suggestions in both categories, as well as in the United States.

If you are a Jew of color or part of a multiracial family and you have found particular synagogues or minyanim welcoming, please email the following information to jewminicana1 (at) gmail (dot) com

1. Synagogue name
2. Link to synagogue website
3. Synagogue location: city/state or city/country

Spread the word! If you are not a Jew of color or part of a multiracial family but you know someone who might be interested in helping provide information for this list, please forward this post to them. Ideally, all synagogues will be welcoming to every Jew of every color.

Yeah, and one day, the world at large will be more welcoming of Jews of every stripe. Well, all that may still take some time, but hopefully, with the publication of this list, we’re getting closer than ever.

Hat tip to this week’s Cool Jew, blogger La Jewminicana, aka Aliza Hausman, a Dominican-American Latina and Orthodox Jewish convert, for bringing this to our attention.

Shabbat Shalom!

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  • Just move to Israel.
    There are Jews of all colors and hair types here.

    And since the mid-70s, between 30-40 percent of all marriages have been “intermarriages” between Ashkenazi and North African Jews.

    It’s a non-issue for most Israelis, except for comedians looking for material and left-wing do-gooders.

  • Hello, Thank you for this information. Being jewish is tricky enough, being a jew of color just spices things up. It is always nice to be able to go in some where daven, say your “hello’s” and be on my way.

  • As a Jew I am saddened that Israel has so much racism against Jews of color. The Ethiopian Jews are so mistreated. White racism is such an evil. Lilith

  • I am a little upset to hear about what has been going on in Israel regarding the Ethiopians. When you have a faith and believe in something I think it’s important to remember why you are who you are. I sometimes wonder if it’s truly the Zionists who are up to this, but that is another discussion. All in all, I respect Judaism but am saddened (as a person of color) by the mistreatment of black Ethiopians (and the Palestinians!)

    Where’s the peace and understanding?

  • As an African-American Jew of color, I did not have any problems while visiting Israel. My problem is at home in the good old U.S.

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