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callaWith the rapid approach of Hanukah and its fabled 8 days of gift giving, one is often forced to look beyond the obvious Judaica items for thoughtful presents. One way to go is to perhaps look at some of the innovative products coming out of Israel, and in that vein, I’d like to offer for your consideration the Calla Lilly line of uhm… adult personal massage products. The Everest, the Sahara and the Amazon were inspired by the Calla Lilly, as sensuous a flower as has ever existed. The team that put together this world class sex toy is made up of a team with combined expertise in industrial design, high-end medical product manufacturing, Mechanics, Electronics integration, Optics, User Interface and just plain old good loving.

I remember when Israel Military Industries came out with the Galil Assault Rifle. The designers noted that soldiers often broke their assault rifles when they used the ammunition feed to pop open beer bottles. So they integrated a bottle opener into the Galil, along with a tripod and a wire cutter. Smart right? In the same spirit, the Calla Lilly line of sex toys are not just beautifully designed, they are also rugged, wireless, water proof and built to the exacting standards one expects from high-end medical products. No more flimsy Rabbits that break after 2 weeks!

But that’s not all! The beautifully designed petal-shaped charging stand also acts as a night light that glows with an incandescent light, creating a sensual radiance and atmosphere in the room. Ready to use at a moment’s notice, these vibrators will make your personal massage sessions less furtive and bothersome, allowing you instead to focus on the task at hand. So to speak. Flexible, innovative, multi-functional, ready to go… makes you think of the IDF huh?

The Calla Lilly product line is available Take my advice and I’m pretty sure some of our readers will have a very happy Hanukah indeed.

Happy Hanukah! But don't use oil. use a water based lubricant.

Happy Hanukah! But don't use oil. use a water based lubricant.

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