Well, it is getting colder and with Hanukkah coming up, you’re naturally wondering what to get the Rabbi on your list. You may want to consider the $135 Beard cap, pictured above, which comes in two sizes and apparently three colors. You can order these online at, or visit their Brooklyn store and pick one up. Designed by Iceland’s own Vík Prjónsdóttir (I have no idea how to pronounce that) you can visit his (?) site and check out other products like the seal-pelt (I want one!) and the two-some blanket. The site also contains international locations that carry the line.

I hope this appeases all you complainers out there who always criticize Jewlicious for not having enough Icelandic content.

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  • If it’s a traditional lastname, it’s a her 😉 “dottir” means “daughter”; AFAIK they still generate lastnames based on “daughter of” resp. “son of” in Iceland.

  • So beards keep us bearded rabbis warm. We have no need for this gear- and we as a whole resent the insinuation.

    This is for certain SEPHARDIC, most likely made for North African men who live in Jerusalem and Montreal.

    I understand that baby faced Moroccan men might need this thing. I mean this would really help on those chilly montreal nights, for a clean shaven north african dude.

  • Wow. These just takes fashion to a whole new level 🙂 And I was proud of my new Castro coat. Maybe Leadel.NET can do a whole series on Jews and fashion! Thoughts? Think it would sell!?!? Or maybe a fashion designer will enter into our contest. Ooooh, I’m excited.

    • Margot, Jews and fashion have always been very close as a) tailors were considered a lower class of skilled craftsmen during the Middle Ages and in many places Jews could pursue that profession as it wasn’t necessarily tied to a guild, b) fashion restrictions during the Middle Ages that regulated e.g. the width or trimming of collars had Jews get creative in fashion expression, and c) Jewish fashion is like Jewish food – international, unpredictable, and you don’t mind taking some home with you after a day out about town.

  • to whom it may concern,

    have u got any information on the second coming?i would like to know more
    about it,could u let me know please?

    “You are not far from the Kingdom of God.”
    The Good News must first be preached to all the nations…

    yours sincerely,
    charlie castrillo
    : D