Getting ready...

Getting ready...

The General Assembly of the UJC newly uh… christened Jewish Federations of North America or JFNA for short (pronounced JAFINA, like Dafena – Sephardic Chulent!) is now under way. Plenaries will begin later this afternoon and our erstwhile on the scene reporter Tanya has already reported the presence of anti-Israel protesters outside the venue and many hot guys in the venue. Great. Thanks Tanya. You can maybe see the hot guys later as the GA is webcast live from the JFNA GA Web site. Rahm Emanuel will be addressing all the Jews in attendance, covering for the President who had to back out after the shootings in Fort Hood earlier this weekend.

The annual GA is considered one of the most important meetings of the organized Jewish community. Federations from across North America send in representatives and members of smaller organizations attend as well. This year the GA has attracted nearly 3000 attendees who will discuss a multitude of relevant topics – though the early buzz centers on the prospective union of MASA and Taglit-Birthright Israel. Stay tuned I guess. You can follow all the noise on twitter by searching for the #GA09 hash tag. And if you’re in DC go to the tweetup Monday evening organized by Lisa Colton of Darim Online (5:30-7:30) at the Lebanese Taverna. editor Tanya will be there and it looks like she’s trying to bring some Russkis with her. Hilarity, I am certain, will ensue.

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  • there are 3000 attendees at the GA conference. and just two dorks on a corner a block away with anti Israel signs. So although they are present, they are invisible