From the BBC:

To cut smuggling tunnels into the Gaza Strip, Egypt is installing an impenetrable U.S.-made metal wall that will stretch about 7 miles and extend nearly 60 feet deep, the BBC is reporting.

The wall was designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is bomb proof and cannot be cut or melted, the BBC says, citing intelligence sources in Egypt. About 2 miles have been installed so far along an existing perimeter fence; the entire wall will be finished in 18 months.

I think the best part of this story is, of course, that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has volunteered.  It’s not like they have anything else going on that they should be working on.

Additionally, here’s a movie about the tunnels that Palestinians have built.  I’d love to have some discussion about whether this movie is biased or real, whether it presents the economic realities in Gaza, and all the other good questions.  But most importantly, please tell me how much you love my fake travel poster.

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  • Shy, good point that the UN has also sent a lot of money to Gaza. I wonder how much of it winds up with Gazans and how much with Hamas and what the distriution channel is for that money. Great video, too.

  • The Palestinians do not want a country in the West Bank and Gaza. It is impossible to build a viable country in these territories. There are no natural resources in the West Bank except for some agriculture (including harvest Jerusalem stone) and human resources are too expensive relative to the Far East and China. Gaza has a beach but nothing else. Try to build a Macau or Dubai there. Dead On Arrival.

    That is why they want they whole thing, all of Israel. There are not deluded into thinking that a country without Israel is the end game. For them, there is only hope for everything.

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