Yallah Chabibi!


The Festival that could is back again this year and the line up is, as always, outstanding! Taking place from December 12 to December 19th, New York’s Sephardic Music Festival includes performances by Matisyahu, Y-Love, Pharaoh’s Daughter, DeLeon, Kosha Dillz, Eprhyme, DeScribe and a whole host of more traditional Sephardic musicians. Every year, the Yemenite artist known as Diwon aka Erez aka DJ Handler, the man, no, the force of nature behind Shemspeed and more parties, events and concerts than I can possibly keep track of pulls this Festival together out of fumes, sweat, hard work and I don’t even know what… a love of quality Jewish music and happenings that transcend denominations, fostering unity and booty bumpin’ good tunes. If you are in or near the NYC area, check out the lineup for yourself and support this amazing project by at least buying some tickets.

Oh? And there’s more? Yes there is! Enter to win tickets to each of the Sephardic Music Festival and Matisyahu Shows, NOW – visit this post on Shemspeed. But do it now – contest ends Dec. 9th!

And do make sure to thank all those awesome Jewish Philanthropies and Organizations who got together to support this amazing project run by a guy who is an ROI alum and was listed in the Forward 50, the Jewish Week’s 36 under 36 and the Heeb 100. Yes thank them all. Here’s a complete list of Jewish communal sponsors for this Festival:

Uhm. Yeah.

Whatever. Fuck that noise! party hard New York City!

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