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Note: I am being comped for my tickets to these movies. How sweet is that? But you know I would never go see movies that didn’t interest me. That is, movies that are Russian, Jewish, and depressing.

I’m going to the Washington DC Jewish Film Festival (20th Annual!) next week. It starts on Friday, December 3rd, and goes until December 13th, at a number of venues throughout the city, including the Washington DC JCC and the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, as well as the Embassy of France. Snazzy!

Are you going? If you plan on it, let me know and we can meet up. I am really, really excited about it because I’m going to be seeing four or five films and reporting back. Here is a list of all the movies playing. Can you guess which ones I’m going to see and review?

I’ll give you a hint:

Gift to Stalin


The hint is it's something Russian, Jewish, and depressing, yet informative of my rich cultural heritage.



Father’s Footsteps:

FATHER'S FOOTSTEPS - Family in car-courtesy of National Center for Jewish Film

10 Weizman Street:

10 WEITZMAN STREET- Family on street Courtesy of Go2Films


BROTHERS Aharon (Baruch Brener) and Shelly (Orna Fitoussi) as opposing lawyers-courtesy of Troubadour Films

Have you seen any of these yet?

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  • The WJFF is one of the best programmed on earth. I look forward to it each year. I am especially excited by the showing of two Ethiopian Israeli films at the EMBASSY OF ETHIOPIA followed by Ethiopian coffee and treats. Can it get any better than that??