As an avid Israel advocate I love to focus on the amazing things that Israel does for the world. There’s no denying it anymore, Israel goes above and beyond to help other nations, expecting nothing in return.

israeli field hospital in haiti

Watch the CNN Video of the Israeli Field Hospital

Watch: ZAKA Rescue in Haiti Video

Watch: Footage from IDF Field Hospital in Haiti, Including Baby Delivered There, Named ‘Israel’

Watch: IDF Field Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Since yesterday, I have been tweeting about the Israeli humanitarian aid efforts in Haiti (from my personal account) as well as pulling articles from StandWithUs, and thankfully it has been retweeted a few dozen times.

For Israel, to fly over 220 volunteers, medics, doctors, search and rescue experts, and more to Haiti, half way around the world (6495 miles or 10,453 km to be exact), is nothing short of amazing. To then have the only fully operational field hospital set up in Haiti performing surgeries run by the Israeli delegation, that is jaw-dropping. Israel is upstaging the rest of the world with their organized coordinated effort as well as their compassion and commitment to save human lives.

As a proud American, I am somewhat embarrassed that we don’t yet have a working field hospital set up in Haiti. The fact that Israel, the 96th most populous country, has outshone the U.S., the 3rd most populous country (and supposedly the most advanced), is shameful. While the U.S. did send thousands of soldiers and marines, and will be sending nearly $100 million in aid, if we can’t save lives now, what will the money be good for later?

Is there a way we can press Congress to do more? I don’t know. Please comment below if you have suggestions.

Resources on Israel’s Efforts in Haiti:

Israeli Organizations currently working in Haiti on this mission:

  • IDF
  • ZAKA
  • IsraAID
  • Magen David Adom
  • If you know about others, please comment below.
  • Two Boeing 747s from El Al airlines were used by the IDF to transport the 220-member rescue team and equipment.

Be Proud of Israel. She is doing amazing work!

Donate to these organizations doing great work in Haiti:

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  • I beg to differ, but that is not the only operational hospital in Haiti.

    We argentinians are operating the only hospital in Port au Prince. And have been for months.

    Field Hospital



  • There are actually 3 functional field hospitals from 3 countries over there, and some relief agencies asked countries that were planning to send hospitals not to send them because these three could handle the victims’ needs. Israel’s hospital seems to be the biggest of the three, but that’s not relevant. The point is that this country was willing to accept Israel’s help and Israel has a lot of experience with mobile emergency units.

  • The IDF’s efforts in Haiti are a mitzvah. but I find something unseemly in boasting how superior it is to other efforts. Note how understated Javier’s comment is. Should it really be about how Israel is “upstaging” the rest of the world?

    It’s right to feel joy & hope at the rescues, births, successful treatments, etc, but keep in mind Haiti has lost approx 200,000 of its people.

  • Israel is so amazing,
    too bad some people can’t see it cause they are brainwashed by the media

  • I’d like to correct myself: the IDF Hospital is also in Port au Prince. So the Argentinian hospital was the only one operating there during and after the quake, and before the arrival of the IDF.



  • A cautionary note: President Clinton, UN representative for Haiti, reminded us here in Boston last weekend that if Scott Brown is elected, the earthquake wins.

  • Why was I surprised to find hate in this amazing article?

    Oh because if the Jews are doing something better then the non Jews then something is wrong and I would just like to note that Israel is NOT the only working field hospital because there is an Argentinean one and they helped a women give birth and she named her son Argentina.

    Do any of you anti semites have information on what kind of relief is being brought by the Muslim world?

    Egypt Iran Jordan Syria Saudia Arabia and Turkey. What are they doing? What about China and Russia?

    Lets see some stats of what others are doing so we can also give them a clap for helping save a devastated country.

    Better yet how many of you even gave 2 SH*TS about Haiti before this? Did you care about the destruction corruption murder rape child prostitution drug trafficking that was a daily basis in the poorest country in the world before the earthquake.

    You didnt care about the 200,000 lost when they were alive but now you do and you have the CHUTZPA THE GUTS!!! To come online here and criticizing Israel.

    Of course this isnt a surprise.

    Go Israel.

  • If anyone understood my comment as an antisemitic remark, that was not my intention, I was just stating a fact. And I think it takes some imagination to construe my comments as antisemitic.
    I never even said there were no jews in the argentinian contingent.
    In fact, the person in charge of the argentinian medical mission is Gabriel Fuks. Hi might be a jew. I don’t know.


  • Javier,
    how is the Argentinian hospital operating for months and during the quake?

    where did you hear that no more hospitals were requested? Seems to fly in the face of all that I have seen about the severe lack of medical care on the ground in Haiti at this time.

    FWIW, the Americans sucked again here. They apparently learnt very little in New Orleans. So I suppose they remain very slow to act, but when they cavalry arrives though, it will be substantial and long term and that will be uncomparable to anyone else.

  • The argentinian Field Hospital was in Haiti in the context of the UN Mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH). I understand Argentina was the designated health provider for the UN forces. That is why the Hospital was there before the quake. The quake flooded it with victims, and we had to fly two planes with supplies and personnel for the hospital (they had run out of everything in hours).
    An Argentinian Gendarmerie corporal died during the quake, while on duty at the UN building in Port au Prince (I think the head of the UN Mission died too).


  • Javier, nobody understood your comment to be anti-Semitic and it most definitely wasn’t.

    Josh, NPR.

    Xisnotx, take it easy, there’s enough constant bashing of Israel out there that you shouldn’t be surprised if latching on to the good news takes on greater meaning to some.

    Tom, the Dems are running scared. The weird thing is that I’m not sure I’d want the health care bill passed after all of these compromises, so maybe it will be fine if the Kennedy seat falls to another rabid Republican. We need more Republicans in government because they, unlike the Dems, know how to get bills through. And of course, we all know how great things were thanks to the previous Administration and its Republican House majorities. In light of those successes, I understand why people in your state would vote for a Republican to take over the Kennedy seat. Yup, it makes lots of good sense.

  • Maybe this is why Haiti doesn’t want any more hospitals; a doctor who used be a part of the israeli disaster team writes in Yediot:

    “Public Relations instead of saving lives

    “Sending portable toilets to Haiti would have been a better option, but this does not provide good photo opportunities. Israeli missions to disaster areas in the past have shown that such activity was in vain.”

    silverstein has posted a good part of it: NB: not endorsing silverstein’s commentary, but YNet hasn’t done an english translation & the one he posts isn’t available online elswhere.

    • That’s funny. Everybody’s a critic, especially Silverstein who can’t stand watching Israel get good press. If Israel had sent nobody, then he’d have a post about the heartless and racist Israelis.

      The author of that Yediot piece spent all those years doing a lousy job for the IDF (as per his own description of their wastefulness and PR-first attitude), and now that he no longer has that job, it’s open season on the idea that Israel could send disaster relief and actually try to get press out of it. I mean, who the hell doesn’t? And who is superior at sending “needed” help? The reason other field hospitals were turned away is that they were exactly what every country thought to send. Not toilets.

      Perhaps the author of the Yediot piece should form Toilets Without Borders. They can send toilets to disaster areas that need, uh, relief. When they are not busy, they can publish PR pieces attacking Israel for its policies regarding toilets in Gaza.

  • can you find a link about other field hospitals being turned away? havent been able to find it.

  • “Josh”, The U.S. has given billions to Haiti for decades and for that matter provided all the funding for your precious Israel including fight your wars for you so that you even have a country or continue to exist. Are you demented or just plain stupid? And I have to ask what the hell has Israel given to any country until now or ever? But you sure have taken a lot haven’t you? You take all the money from developed countries to give to yourselves and then brag about how great you are when you give a little of it away to another country. Total ingrate and hypocrite.

  • Castoflorn you have to be as dumb as a brick. Its amazing that with such brain power you are even able to turn on your computer and work the interwebz.

    Debunking your idiocy can be done in 30 words or less but I like to be thorough.

    What has Israel done for you today?

    Well for starters it invented the bar scanner that helped you purchase your computer so you could look like an idiot in front of millions of people (luckily for you anonymously except for your IP)

    Israeli invented the Intel computer chip that you are using in your PC and/or Mac which gives you the power to type up stupid comments with lightning speed.

    Israelis invented the google algorithm that helped you search and find this article to give you the opportunity to post your paragraph of stupidity.

    Israel invented the cell phone so you could call your friends but they are idiots too most likely so that doesnt make you look like an idiot.

    Not to mention all the medical breakthroughs in cancer research, paralysis, and inventing the camera that you can swallow to see inside of you. I dont wish any illness upon you but if it happens Israel will also help save your life.

    Now Israel gets 2.4 billion from US in foreign aid. This is out of 2.4 TRILLION that is given throughout the world. Israels defense budget is 13.8 billion not to mention the rest of the billions it takes to run a country.

    In conclusion you are an idiot.

  • As usual, Middle, you’ve got to be on the side of the winner. Enjoy your heaping plate of schadenfreude today.

  • Tom, Tom, Tom, I only wanted a woman in the White House. Don’t blame me if the Obama Titanic has just hit an iceberg.

    Although, on a more serious note, voting for a Republican after what they did to the US in those years running the House and the Presidency, is, um, INSANE.

  • LOL. You received 2.4 billions just this year. Since 1974 Israel has received over $100 billions in assistance, including three special aid packages. Considering how small your country is and how little you contribute to the world, it’s a very poor investment to say the least. but then you have always reveled in using the United States as your personal bank account and Goliath. And in your own statement, you say that America gives trillions to foreign countries yet you commented “America sucks again”?

    Let’s see Americans invented the computer, the automobile, the movie camera (which you stole from Edison to make your billions in Hollywood after he chased you out of New York with law suits), the telephone, the steam engine, the plane, the telegraph, the light bulb, the laser, the artificial heart, the Internet, the camera, air-conditioning, electricity, trains, I could go on and on and on but you get the point. And for your information Dr. Martin Cooper (British) invented the first mobile phone. And any medical breakthroughs were either in Europe or here and have been funded accordingly, certainly not by Israel which has never had any money of its own to speak of (besides what it receives from the rest of the world) I mean when was the last time you bought something made in Israel LOL) And an Englishman by the name of Charles Babbage designed a mechanical computing machine called the “analytical engine.” dimwit. It is considered the forerunner of the digital computer, a programmable electronic device that stores, retrieves, and processes data.

    In conclusion, you are a complete moron.

    • Hey CastofIron, you want to attack Israel with stupid commentary, go ahead. One more remark like “(which you stole from Edison to make your billions in Hollywood after he chased you out of New York with law suits)” and any further comments you make here will be erased.

  • i know. i’m just saying, if you come across it again somewhere, please post it.

  • “American invented the internet”

    Yea it was actually Al Gore.

  • Ever heard of Bill Gates? The only intelligent person here who seems to back up what he is saying with facts and information is castofiron. The rest of you clowns are left holding the idiot bag.

  • huh? uh, you are delusionl nutty boy. since when does being a ceo mean anything? He just works for Bill Gates so what? is this your response to my post? Sad.

    • Cindy, we know you’re “rasha.” And we know that being the CEO of Microsoft is meaningless. What possible influence could he have?

      By the way, both founders of Google are Jewish.

      Andy Grove, who made Intel into the world-dominant chip company it is, is Jewish.

      Michael Dell, of Dell Computers, is Jewish.

      How’s Wisconsin?

  • what the hell did you ever invent besides the atomic bomb so you could blow up your enemies? it’s obvious you deleted the post about how the idf is stealing organ parts in haiti. I saw that. i guess you just delete the posts that you don’t like and pretend they didnt exist. i can only imagine what some of those comments were.

    who the hell is cindy you fool? weird bunch of retards.

  • Oh and the whole stealing organ thing? We are also stealing their blood to put in the matza.

    Cindy you are like a 17th century european peasant. You are uneducated, illiterate and will believe just about anything as long as you can be violent and hate someone/something.

    Blood Libel. Keeping the Jew down since that one guy died on a cross.

  • wow you guys are really sick and twisted. even in the light of facts all you can do is call names (not even the right name) and hurl insults, the ultimate sign of supreme ignorance. what a bunch of losers!

  • Sigh. How did fucking Richard Silverstein get in here? That man is so stupid it boggles the mind. And where did all these Wisconsin mental cases show up from? Jeez whiz.

    So fuckwads like Silverstein criticize Israel’s rapid response to Haiti’s humanitarian disaster as a mere PR exercise. More thoughtful commentators like Akiva Eldar in Haaretz, stated: “The remarkable identification with the victims of the terrible tragedy in distant Haiti only underscores the indifference to the ongoing suffering of the people of Gaza.” Now that’s valid but easily dispensed with – Haiti suffered 200,000 deaths – comparing the situation in Haiti to anything in Gaza is, well, ludicrous. Furthermore, Haitians do not represent an existential threat to Israel. They do not lob rockets aimed at our civilian population – given that, it’s a tad easier to empathize with them. Just a tad.

  • How easy it is to spin and deny facts and label others who present them as “mental cases”. I guess when you have no real responses or facts to back your ludicrous arguments, the ignorant can always resort to name-calling, four letter words and insults. Haiti may not be a threat to Israel (what country it is a threat to?) but Israel is certainly a threat to every other country around the world judging by how many countries would like to annihilate it. By the way, I am not from Wisconsin or this “cindy” whoever she is. Are there ever any facts in any of your posts?

  • Dr Martin Cooper inventor of the cell phone. Not BRITISH ….. He was born in Chicago, lived in Chicago and worked for Motorola in Chicago. His parents, Ukranians, not Jewish Uk’s as far as I can tell.

  • jews are less than 2% of the world’s population and yet they hold most of the top key positions around the globe. The commissioners of the NBA, NHL, and MLB in america are jews-stern,bettman,selig. Owner/founder of Facebook-zuckerberg. Google- Larry Page, Sergey Brin. Chief of staff for Obama’s cabinet- Rom Emanuel. Intel founder- Andy Grove. Head of NBC- Zucker, CBS- Moonves, CNN/US- Klein, Disney who owns ABC- Ross. Movie companies: Miramax- Weinstein, SGK- Speilberg,Geffen,Katzenberg, Summit Entertainment (Twilight series)Friedman.

    The list goes on, the Jews overcome racism, hatred from gentiles, holocaust, and war from the nations that surround them, and yet they dominate the world in almost all facets of business.

    one last note: There is a fact that is incredible to believe, but more arabs have killed more arabs in suicide bombings, AHABS KILLING AHABS, then all the Israelis that died in all of the wars fought since 1948 to present day. Incredible fact!