By Little Billy Eichner ft. Rachel Dratch

Ok first JayZ and Alicia Keys did this song called New York State of Mind which, unless you’re some kind of snob who only listens to like, classical music or obscure Garage Rock bands from Istanbul, you must have heard like 1000 times by now. It is kind of catchy. So this dude Billy Eichner did a Jewish take off and frankly, it’s awesome. I mean I’ve never been to Forest Hills but I assume it’s a Jewy suburb of New York. The other obscure references? Stuyvesant High, which is where I think Ariel Beery went to school and Bronx Science, another high school that I’m pretty sure that Beery didn’t attend. Otherwise, the messages contained in this video are totally universal, albeit a little uhm… full of foul language. Enjoy:

Hat tip to Heshy at FrumSatire for the heads up.

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  • I don’t think it’s awesome. I think it’s condescending and cruel to make fun of people – elderly immigrants!- for their body shape.

    You wanna make fun of Bill Clinton for packing a few extra pounds, no problem, but people who are largely old and poor?

    This is comedy?

  • Yeah that part was a little weak. I admit it. But still, it’s an overall good spoof of NY State of Mind. I mean seriously, Rachel Dratch as Alicia Keys? You don’t think some of those uh… rude comments may have been self referential?

  • agreed…and even better, I just got a phone call from one of those Russian ladies….she was piiiiiiiiissed and sweared in Russian.. foul language here is nothing in comprising with what I’ve heard.
    C’mon Billy and Rachel, you could be more creative, DA!

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