Imagine a website that offers a $500 reward to be paid via paypal for doing a specific deed and e-mailing a picture as proof? Want to know the instructions? According to an article in the Jerusalem Post, a website, which has since been taken down, “,” offered the above mentioned reward with the following instructions:
1) find an Israeli soldier
2) kill him/her
3) e-mail a picture of the corpse to
The site, also, provided some helpful hints, such as covering one’s face, fleeing the scene with haste, and using tools such as knives and pistols.
The ad, supposedly, “written in Arabic and broken English,” did not state its sponsor, but is believed to be linked to a terrorist organization.
Macabre, isn’t it?

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  • Chilling. I wonder where the website originated and if its possible to bring criminal charges against those responsible for it. Someone must know who is behind it, and I’d start by seeing who registered the domain name…