Ambassador Oren heckled and disrupted by Hamas on Campus at UC Irvine. 12 arrested.

When will University President Michael Drake KICK THE MSU OFF CAMPUS? When will the University take responsibility for this?

We have heard Michael Drake for years DENY THAT THERE IS ANY SERIOUS PROBLEM. He said this publicly.

No problem, huh? The University has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on so-called bridge building which is for the most part totally ineffective. As long as the MSU is allowed on campus, as long as students are not held responsible for their actions, this kind of activity will continue.

Update: the police has released information about the protesters. It turns out that the president and vice president of the UCI MSU were among those who protested and were arrested.

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  • Well, give them points for being effective. Also, give them points for getting more students to attend than any other group in there. Seeing middle aged Jews who have come to hear and support him is nice, but seeing younger attendees outnumbered by the MSU students should be troubling to anybody who cares about long-term US support for Israel.

    On the other hand, is it me, or was he giving a fluffy speech?

  • I’m in LA and this happened an hour away from here. I don’t think kicking MSU off campus is really a good option but I am still pretty grossed out by this kind of behavior. I don’t recall pro-Israel students ever heckling an anti-Israel speaker anywhere. I’ve sat down respectfully and listened to members of Palestinian terrorist organizations speak, and I never heckled them once. I am appalled and disgusted and concerned. Very recently 2 students at York University in Ontario were physically assaulted by anti-Zionist thugs (not surprisingly that smug fuck face Jesse Zimmerman, a fellow Kike, was involved). So we see how a lack of basic civility can in due time degenerate further. I suppose it’ll be just a matter of time before Jewish students respond in kind though I hope that never happens. I think the University needs to take its code of conduct seriously and suspend the students involved in the heckling and censure whatever organization spurred them on. God I am so grossed out.

  • Michael W: “you find out you’re Jewish and suddenly some bloke in a uniform is leading you away…” Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Can’t wait to see Infidel.

  • I have to say that I don’t relish kicking a political group off campus. I agree that their behavior is inappropriate and I disagree with it, but unless they are calling for the death of someone, I don’t believe that they should be kicked off campus. However, there certainly should be some recourse or action taken by UCI against the group for its behavior. If a fraternity were to knowingly haze a pledge it would be banned for at least a year. If a group were to deface university property they would be disbanded for at least a semester. UCI ought to take action against the MSA to send a clear message that this type of behavior is deplorable, unacceptable and will not be tolerated… (that is, unless they secretly condone the MSA’s actions).

  • Is everyone who is outraged at Israeli war crimes a member of Hamas?

  • Well, Benjamin, some of us reject the premise of your question.

    1. What Israeli war crimes?

    2. Look up UCI and UC Irvine in our search box and you will find lots of footage of UC Irvine events, involving their MSU, where you see anti-Israelis wearing green – the Hamas colors – while chanting in unison in response to fairly derogatory anti-Israel speech given by speakers who, in private rooms ON THE SAME CAMPUS later express anti-Semitic sentiments. If that’s not Hamas, that’s pretty close and certainly supportive.

    3. If you are “outraged,” you should be outraged at the organization, now Palestinian government in Gaza, that was responsible for the thousands of rockets launched at Israeli civilian centers in the past years and who then launched a war against Israel to which Israel responded with Cast Lead. That would be Hamas.

  • Let the “pro Israeli” mob beat these turks up at ONE event.

    Then campus security will respond.

    It’s like airport security: the officials just want to cover their own ass in the easiest way possible. Those who are well-behaved and follow the rules are the ones who suffer.

  • Yeah, anybody who disagrees with Israeli policies is Hamas, right? Even former IDF soldiers who fought Hamas? Get your head out of the sand.

  • No, Amron, read more carefully. Not everybody who disagrees with Israeli policies is Hamas and nowhere in this post or the comments has anybody said so. Nice straw-man, though.

  • I would just like to remind everyone that the vast majority of Muslims who come here do not disrupt lectures at UCI and that’s why I am so proud of what HIAS and the ADL are doing for our community and nation — bringing over bucket loads of Muslims who will also help convert the African American community to this wonderful faith, especially the most needy (prisoners) and focus their anger against the Jews specifically.

  • Yep. It is no coincidence that Barack Hussein Obama wants KSM tried in a civilian court so he can get off. The subversion of our country continues apace.

  • As for the Muslim kids, take a deep breath. They’re acting like dicks. This is good news for all but them.

  • I have met Michael Oren on several occasions (once when I was lost in Jerusalem and happened to run into him on a crosswalk…he walked halfway across town with me until I reached my destination and we discussed the then upcoming, ‘Power, Faith and Fantasy’) and he is a CLASS ACT.

    It is beyond disgusting that he was treated with such disrespect. Shame.

  • Oh, lookie here. Abe Foxman has condemned the heckling. Abe DISMAYED. How wonderful.

    This stupid man and his whiny defaming organization is simultaneously backing “immigration reform,” otherwise known as amnesty and family unification.

    He will continue to speak in our name, sell our country and community down the river, and then declare how SHOCKED and OFFENDED and HORRIFIED he is.

    This is the state of American Jewish leadership.

  • Just have everyone who wants to attend sign a notarized form attesting to their willingness to behave, listen and speak without interrupting or shouting down the speaker – with a caveat that if they do so, they will face repercussions up to and including expulsion. And enforce it.

    Sounds like a fair bargain to me. Better than having some feckless faculty member lecture them on what they’re missing out on. That was pathetic.

    Apparently the irony of Palestinians behaving in just as ungovernable a manner at campus events as they are when given political autonomy in the Middle East, is lost on such upstanding young citizens as these.

    But it wasn’t lost on me 😉

    And stop being outraged at your silly school. If the Israeli government was a little less inept at conveying its own propaganda, it would insist on the conditions I layed out before agreeing to allow Oren to speak.

    Are any of you Jews actually related to or know any competent lawyers? And to think you call yourselves “Jewlicious!”

  • Um, MUL, this is a university campus. Speakers come and go daily. Why should the Israeli speaker have to deal with different rules than others? Why should people who wish to hear an Israeli speaker have to sign anything when they don’t if a speaker from another country or organization comes to campus? Why are you so in favor of creating this type of segregation?

    Instead, as a university, I would suspend or expel some of these students since they were warned that these would be possible consequences. The second and better punishment, however, is to identify which group these individuals belonged to and prevent their organization from bringing guests to campus for the next year with an understanding that if in the future any of their members behave in this disruptive fashion again in the presence of a public speaker at UCI, the prohibition on their sponsorship of any public event will extend another year. That will result in a much quieter campus.

  • given that the MSA, as an organization, was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, and is Saudi backed, it is not unreasonable to state that the MSU at UCI is affiliated, at least ideologically, with Hamas.

  • I am not one to generalize, but it seems to me that perhaps sometimes Muslims have a hard time respecting fair play in a free society because their religion and culture prefers despots and a torture police state.

  • Is there any way to stop that video from automatically playing? For those of us who read this at work, the ads are automatically playing at soon as we load the Jewlicious homepage, and there’s no way to turn it off short of closing the page or turning down the volume on my computer.

    At the very least, can you put it after the “jump”?

  • I was there. I am a part-time teacher at UCI and have been fighting the MSU for several years. What happened Monday night was a disgrace.

    The good news is that several hundred members of the community saw first-hand that there IS a problem at UCI.

    The MSU screwed up big time.

    Gary Fouse
    adj teacher

  • Why should the Israeli speaker have to deal with different rules than others?

    I proposed no “rules” that would apply to any Israeli speakers. I proposed rules that would apply to those whose good faith attendance as an audience member for that speaker is in question.

    Why should people who wish to hear an Israeli speaker have to sign anything when they don’t if a speaker from another country or organization comes to campus?

    Because the audience for those Israeli speakers is bitching that they are getting shouted down too often to be heard.

    Why are you so in favor of creating this type of segregation?

    Why are you so in favor of rejecting that predictable hecklers be given an advance ultimatum based in an enforceable contract? Why are you so willing to pretend that you can see the treatment of Israeli government speakers by protesters as different, while denying that those potential protesters in attendance be treated differently in an enforceable way, by agreeing to the conditions and consequences beforehand?

    By refusing to treat a situation you see as different, er, differently, you are perpetuation a de facto segregation of Israel in the mindset of the campus. Either Israeli speakers are being treated unfairly through attitudes that are perpetuated on campus, or they are not. Incidentally, your proposal is the one that encourages segregation by singling out groups. A single standard required of everyone in attendance at an event, whether prospective heckler or not, creates a uniform standard of respect for all who intend on attending. How this is less preferable to you than singling out groups and demonizing them in the way that Israeli speakers are apparently demonized is beyond me.

    If you want to play the mutual demonization game, go ahead, I guess. I don’t see why anyone should expect it to be productive. It sounds very Rovian and tactic-oriented, and not very well thought-out in the long run. It doesn’t encourage respect, which is what one might assume that you want. It does encourage a mindset of perpetual threats, punishment and mutual retaliation, though.

    Maybe that’s what you want.

  • Rovian?


    Give me a break. It’s simple, all groups sign these forms and if they violate or their members violate the rules, they are prohibited from bringing out their own speakers. It’s fair, it’s just and it’s going to be effective. Let speak and be permitted to speak or don’t let speak and you won’t be permitted to speak.