According to this Orange County Register website, 8 UC Irvine students and 3 UC Riverside students were cited for disrupting a public event because of their disruption of the Michael Oren talk at UC Irvine.

Police have identified the students as:

UC Irvine

Joseph Tamim Haider

Osama Ahmed Sabry Shabaik

Mohemed Mohy Eldeen Abdelgany

Ali Mohammad Sayeed

Asaad Traina

Mohammad Qureashi

Aslam Akhtar

Hakim Nasreddine Kebir

UC Riverside

Taher Herzallam

Shaheen Waleed Nassar

Khalid Bahgat Akari

Apparently, the UCI MSU has denied a connection between the disruptions of Oren, which were clearly well organized, and their organization. That may be true, but I thought I might check up on some of the arrested parties above.

Joseph Haider? In this article, he is promoting a UCI-MSU event.

Osama Shabaik (second name on the list)? Here he is interviewed and is described as a member of the UCI-MSU. On the UCI-MSU contacts page he is listed as their VICE PRESIDENT.

Mohemed Abdelgany? Why he’s right on the UCI-MSU website where he is listed as their PRESIDENT or “amir.”

Ali Sayeed? The link is no longer cached, but a Google search still shows that he was team manager for the MSU 1 flag football team at UCI.

Can’t find anything on Asaad Traina or Mohammad Qureashi but on a now-erased page on the MSU website, Aslam Akhtar writes:

“MSU (Muslim Student Union): The MSU has directed and channeled me into the person I am today. It has kept me motivated to pursue my goals, and at the same time has defined my goals into the personification in which they are in today.”

Indeed it has!

Hakim Kebir is an MSU host for a barbecue as listed on this cached Facebook page.

The UC Riverside students have less information online. Shaheen Nassar appears to have belonged to a Muslim Students Association in Pomona before coming to UC Riverside but there’s no information about Akari or Herzallam.

In short, a number of active MSU members, including the President and Vice President of the organization were involved in this orchestrated disruption of a speaker at the UC Irvine campus. Sure, maybe they were acting on their own, but since they happen to be running the organization, the only apt description for the MSU distancing itself from these activities is…HILARIOUS. Thanks for the laughs, guys.

Here is UCI Chancellor, Michael Drake, in a public statement after his poor performance during the talk and especially in the last few years where his campus has enabled anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activities to a degree seen on few campuses in North America.

Campus Disruption
Feb. 9, 2010
Dear Colleagues:

Last night, Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the U.S., shared his perspectives on American-Israeli relations in a free public lecture in the UC Irvine Student Center. During his talk, several members of the audience stood and shouted – one at a time, repeatedly – in an effort to disrupt his message.

This behavior is intolerable. Freedom of speech is among the most fundamental, and among the most cherished of the bedrock values our nation is built upon. A great university depends on the free exchange of ideas. This is non-negotiable. Those who attempt to suppress the rights of others violate core principles that are the foundation of any learning community. We cannot and do not allow such behavior.

Eleven individuals were arrested as a result of their actions last night and are being processed accordingly. Additionally, the Office of Student Conduct has initiated the Student Judiciary Review process to address issues under their jurisdiction.

I am very pleased that the ambassador stayed on and was able to complete his speech. This university is, and always will be, committed to the expression of all ideas and viewpoints.”

Chancellor Michael Drake

Here, Chancellor Drake, is what you have permitted to take place on your campus year after year:

Here is some straightforward anti-Semitism in this annual Israel hate-fest run, in part by the UCI MSU. You will notice the video is being shot by a student who is being forced to leave the room because he is videotaping:

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  • “That’s exactly what they do” — 2nd video. Exactly. For instance, the “Zionist Jews” blow up their OWN BUSUS in Israel. The “situation in 9/11,” indeed.

    Islam is a fitting religion for the angry, low-IQ’d.

  • Thank you TM. I restate my case that the University needs to disband this group of hate mongers, and hold students accountable for their actions.

    This has been my strong advice for almost 6 years.

    The schools MSU is guided by a warped principle called Jihad of the Tongue, as explained by Malik Ali, which means that they can pursue Jihadi goals through vitriol, acerbic, hateful speech, intimidation, threats, bullying, anti-Semitic speech, racist speech, without regard for truth or accuracy.

    Malk has been brain washing these young students, as well as the mosque in Irvine for many years.

    The MSU come to the mosque for meetings that they want off campus, and secret.

    The MSU has behind door meetings with Malik and other radical, extremist Muslims that advocate violence.


    You can only preach hate and violence for so long before it boils over into action.

    Michael Drake lies to the world – maybe today with egg on his face – he will have to act.

    By the way – visit the site Stop The Intifadah that we created with the contact info for the major corporations that back UCI.

  • Hey DK, there are lots and lots and lots of highly educated, high-IQd Muslims, just as there are lots and lots of Jewish idiots.

  • I am not claiming Islam is for the angry and stupid. I’m just saying that isn’t a bad market.

  • Michael Drake is a criminal!

    Even in his response to the violence at Oren’s speech he is setting the stage for more of the same. His concern is “free speech”. But our founding father’s NEVER meant for free speech to be a ticket for people to whip up genocidal hatred.

    His campus has been a safe haven, a sesspool, a swamp, for Muslim/Arab hatred. This guy Drake must be getting a whole bunch of $ from Arabs.

    I have no doubt that this man is up to his eye balls in corruption. Either that or he hangs out with Obama with his mentor “Reverend” Wright. I smell a RAT!

  • In a country not racked with PC, Insta-jihadees like this would incur the wrath of proud citizen vigilantes and be beaten senseless, only to scurry away under the rocks from which they came, actually proving the myth of hyper-Islamophobia after 9-11. These aren’t the gentle Muslims the media promotes but people who encourage and promote hatred, violence, intimidation, etc. In the world I’d like to live in, every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

    But then again, our president is friends with people that these MSU students idolize, so those days are sadly gone. One can dream though.

  • Whenever I hear islamofascism and paleswine, I think of 1993 bombing of the WTC, 9/11, ship hijackings, Beltway Sniper, bombing of Pan Am 103, Ft. Hood, current day slavery in Sudan, Mumbai India, Londons 7/7/05, Madrid, Bali, assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, fatwa against writer Salman Rushdie, Beslan school massacre, saddam husseins WMD gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, the 8 year Iraq/Iran war, the near nuclear war between India and Pakistan, Somali pirates, the dynamiting of the 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, honor killings, female genital mutilation, the osama bin laden videos, genocidal threats from the islamofascist regime of iran, the nazi salutes by hezbullah aka hezbshatain, the hamass child sacrifice (ever see a hamass chief send his own child on a suicide mission? No. Other peoples of course.).

  • DK is on the right track, but a slight correction is in order:

    It is not that Islam attracts stupid, hate-filled people.

    It is that Islam CREATES stupid, hate-filled people.

  • Drake is a scumbag. Freedom of speech? if he gives the right of speech to one side this is not freedom.

  • Muslims were the first to come up with Mathematics AND Science involved in most medicine. We were the first to come up with sooo much knowledge so dont dare call us low IQed because where would you be if there wasn’t any medical field to give you medication for your retardation?

  • If there are smart muslims, can you give us a name of a muslim Nobel Prize winner?

  • Give it a rest!

    You don’t have to be a muslim apologist to see that these college kids are being punished for dissent. The UC system represents the best and brightest students that we have and most people who are posting against them probably couldn’t qualify for a UC level education.

    Relgion and politics are bad bedfellows and I am tired of the worn out argument of Anti-Semitism, especially ironic in the situation of calling out a bunch of Semitic students who are not in favor of the non-semitic Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren.

  • Oh stuff it, you moron. Everybody who posts articles on this site qualifies for a UC education.

    Now go and learn the origin of the term anti-Semitism before you give us lectures that highlight your ignorance.

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