VBS.TV, the video arm of Vice Magazine runs a cutting edge counterculture series called Vice Versus with cool video site Babelgum. And what exactly counts as hip, fresh and happening these days? Steampunks? OK that’s kind of 2001 but the imagery is always cool. Hardstyle? For me that was new 2 years ago but not everyone has the benefit of living with an Austrian chick. Chessboxing? It’s just like it sounds and it will always be cool. Russendisko? We wrote about Yuriy’s gig 2 years ago (thanks froylein!). But yes. All this stuff is definitely on the cutting edge for many people. And what else do we have? Nachman Ravers. Yup. International fringe. These are Hassidic Jewish followers of Rav Nachman of Breslav. They wear funny white hats with pompoms and demonstrate their joy and fervor by dancing to Nachman Rave music. What? Yeah, you heard me. Those of us that live in Israel have seen them a zillion times in public squares, stopping traffic and driving around in vans blasting Nachman rave music. Don’t take my word for it. Watch the vid:

Best line? “If you know what I know, you will be dancing here as well!”

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