Mr. B enjoys tennis immensely, and often has Dallas TX Tennis Lessons. I do not enjoy tennis, because just watching it is exhausting and I am alarmed if I burn calories just sitting on the couch. In any case, today he tried, again, subversively, to get me interested in tennis by sending me an article about homegirl Shahar Pe’er, who continues to be awesome, despite the fact that Dubai (or Death-bai, as I like to call it, har-har) kind of hates her and maybe wants to kill her.

Shahar Peer, with the winds of poetic justice firmly at her back, is on a run at the women’s event in Dubai. Today the Israeli, who was denied a visa by the United Arab Emirates last year to play this tournament, advanced to the quarterfinals by upending No. 1 seed Caroline Wozniacki in straight sets.

To have an athlete from Israel, whose diplomatic existence the UAE doesn’t recognize, competing in that country is a political victory that resonates far beyond the lines of a tennis court.

I hate how we have to make this all about politics. Can’t Shahar just play without incident? No, because, as an Israeli, Shahari is totes responsible for the death of Arab babies, not to mention HIV. Come to think of it, Shahar probably served in the IDF and killed Hamas terrorists and civilians alike with her racket, because that’s how murderous and Israeli she is. Although Shahar Peer, Tennis Annihilator is a great idea for a TV show. Keshet, are you listening?

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