Just an average Israeli street scene

Just an average Israeli street scene

Pity the JewLicious readers who have aged out of BirthRight Israel; Cry for those for whom the first season episodes of Srugim don’t float their boat.

But wait… now there is a tour of and introduction to Israel for them. Michael Lucas, 37, (aka Andrei Treivas), CEO and founder of Lucas Entertainment, is sponsoring his own tour of Israel. You get beaches, such as the clothing optional Gaash Beach, Masada, Hagoshrim (kibbutz hotel), Haifa, Tzfat, the Galilee, the Kotel, and even an optional photo shoot with Israeli soldiers.

Lucas, a leader in the entertainment industry, writes, “I am thrilled to announce that I am making my first group trip to Israel this Spring, and I want you to come with me on this exciting, fun, and action-packed journey! I will not take you nor will I send you to any tourist restaurants! We will eat only the finest authentic Israeli cuisine preferred by the locals, and I will organize a dinner for whomever is interested with some of the top Lucas Entertainment [talent]… In addition to the friends you meet out and around, there are many close friends of mine I can’t wait to introduce you to! They will help make sure you get the best locals’ experience of Israel possible, with no time wasted at frivolous or sub-par tourist sites.”

The nine day trip is under $2800, double occupancy, not including airfare. Thanks to Mr Lucas for helping the Israeli tourism industry. Click the link above for the itinerary. Those who sign up witha deposit get some sort of free DVD’s! I think for another $50 you get a week’s supply of penicillin.

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  • Michael Lucas is an Israel trip provider that guaranteed will bend over backwards for his trip participants.


    Yes. I went there.

  • you are truly a creative wordsmith genious, and i am envious and jealous that i did not think of that for the title