“Srugim” — the much-beloved Israeli TV series about Modern Orthodox Jewish singles — is now airing on The Jewish Channel.

And for the first time, you can watch it even if you don’t know Hebrew: English subtitles have been added for this American TV run.

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  • as a srugim addict, i am offended by that ad. it makes the show look vapid, just a step above the real world or something. it’s not indicative of the show at all! the show it well-written, well acted and it’s not just about dating. it delves into (blind)faith, zionism, religion, conformity etc. but i am glad it is getting more exposure. srugim is a good kind of disturbing – the kind that makes you think. oh yeah – and the soundtrack is aaaawesome.

  • Oh God. I agree with Jules. Ugh, American Judaism. “Did I mention they’re both Orthodox? L’Chaim!”

    If this was my introduction to Srugim, I would never watch it. But living in Israel, I love it.

  • Hey, they gotta sell it to Americans, give them a break. It was kinda clever. Have you ever seen Soap? Anyhow… yes, Srugim is great though for a show on Katamon singles, it’s weird that there are no Americans or Canadians or new Olim at all. Katamon is rotten with yanks.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before I’m hired to write the “Yifat Visits Her Cousin on the Upper West Side” crossover episode.

  • ck – there was 1 yankee character. remember when hodaya’s guy slept over and he needed tfilin in the morning? he tells her to borrow for a neighbour and she does? and that said neighbour is a north-american olah woman?! remember the hissy fit the guy has about refusing to wear women’s tfilin? so yeah, the only north americans that live in katamon (accrdg to srugim) are “ayzeh lezbit reformit” as that guy calls her…

  • I enjoy srugim – or should I say I watch and enjoy watching Tali Sharon.

    I don’t think any American ought to be included in the series because this show is an Israeli show – most if not all Americans are still “halfway” Israelis because they cling to their American passports “just in case” you see.

    Also, PLEASE just let us get away from any American accent in a movie. There are other immigrants in Israel and the Americans are pretty much johnny come lately’s to Israel anyway.

  • love srugim..its very interesting how young people deals with society and the pressure of believing in Hashem, nice and clean tv ..real love the sound track ..love the complete show!!!!! I am jewish not israeli, the show is perfect.accents or not is great that we can have a show like this one!!!

  • yes dave, I agree with your assessement pertaining the Srugim show but if you all emerge as extremely attentive to details you’ll discover a dicernible didactic lesson that encompasses all of us, what set the tone for the penchant we have for viewing this show is the simple one dimensional premise which based on our emperical observation we all can relate to it and it is more of a growing evidence that we all are equal regardless of background or level of religion, we all aspire to do the right thing even if the current attempts culminated in an unfruitfull outcome such as we believe in hashem, hashem is believe in us, therefore we know we’ll try again and we’ll prevail.
    good bye

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