…and why is he talking like he knows Jewlicious?

David Abitbol is not the king of Jewlicious. Jewlicious is this crazy multi-headed hydra fed by angst and motivated by fun. The bastard love child of the Chofetz Chaim, Charlie Chaplin and Dahliah Queen of the Berber tribes, Jewlicious is an anarchist collective with cholent. And now there’s this crazy Jewlicious Festival happening this weekend in Long Beach, CA. If you are near there (unlike me) and you don’t go, then you are a massive loser. Massive.

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I live and blog anonymously from New York. If my boss knew this was me, I'd be fired in a nano-second. Ha ha! Screw you boss man!


  • OMG!!! David clean-shaven? WOW!!!
    And on a serious note: 74 views on YouTube. I think that it is going to get much higher. And sooner.

  • KFJ, I bet you 100 Euros (i.e. solid currency) that somebody used this line a few decades before already. 🙂

    CK forgot to mention the polyglot pan-European version of Jewlicious we’re going to do.

  • Yes KFJ. I stole the “Judaism has always been revolutionary” line from Sieradski. In fact, I keep a little notebook of Dan’s bon mots with me at all times so that I may use them in conversation and interviews. I have also stolen Jewish blogging, Jewish Social Networking and several women from Dan. If he gets a bicycle, I’m a steal that from him too! I’m also pretty sure Dan had the idea for a Festival first, but I think Rabbi Yonah stole that from him.

  • Hey, David, I guess you know by now that Megan Phelps-Roper formerly of the insane anti-semite and homophobe Westboro Baptist Church has credited you with shaking her loose from the grip of her family’s central doctrine: “God Hates Everyone.” And she says you did it by quoting Jesus to her out of the New Testament. Smooth move, dude. I deeply feel the beautiful irony and it restores my faith in god. I just wanted the send you this note of thanks for taking the time to talk with a bigot because there is always a decent person in there somewhere trying to get out and we can never write people off. I wish we could all be that patient. And she took her sister Grace out of there also, so it’s a double. Blessing on you.