What up y’all?  This is Rabbi Drew a/k/a Drewlicious a/k/a Drew Kaplan a/k/a the newest Jewlicious blogger.  I think this was a dream of mine when I began blogging four and a half years ago – especially to be on the same blogteam as Esther K. & CK.  Now, it’s reality.

Rachel & Rabbi Drew along with CK manually representing their geographical location

Rabbi Drew & wife along with CK manually representing their geographical location

Although I have a post in the works that is not a meta-blogging post, I just have to holler at the Blog-editor for including me up on the Jewliciousness that is this blog: David Abitbol.  Having just experienced the reificatory ability of this abstract entity, known as the world-famous Jewlicious Festival as a member of the team putting it together (which went well (including getting an interview with Patrick from Punk Torah)), I’m happy to be the newest member of Jewlicious.  Heck, how many blogs do you know that have a rabbis ordained from both Ohr Somayach-Monsey and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah?  Get ready for some good stuff to pop off 🙂

About the author


Having begun blogging in the summer of 2005, Drew joined the Jewlicious mega-Jewblog after Jewlicious Festival 6.0 in February 2010. Drew is committed to serving the Jewish people, and is one of a small number of rabbis who were bloggers whilst in rabbinical school. He's thrilled to be a part of Jewlicious: The Blog and aims to spread his views, thoughts, and ideas amongst the masses.


  • Damn CK! I can’t believe this picture was taken only a month ago! You looked so fresh and clean cut. What a difference a month, a night of unity, a jewlicious festival, and a few hundred shots of Bailey’s can make…huh?

  • Wait, what? I’m at JFK and I just read this… How drunk was I when I allowed Rabbi Drew to join Jewlicious??? Fuck. We’re going to need some balance here. Any atheists or Satan worshipers care to join Jewlicious?

  • I almost didn’t recognize you without cargo shorts and a cap on your head. At least tell me you are wearing sandals with that tux.

  • I would consider bringing up Rabbi Yonah’s past affiliation with Ohr Somayach to be loshan hora. I would only bring it up in conversation if I were very angry.

  • I like YCT and all that, but I hope this guy isn’t a hippy on Muslim mass immigration like SOME PEOPLE on this blog from the post-Soviet contingent.