President Barak Obama, prior to being elected, stated, at the 2008 AIPAC Conference, “Jerusalem will remain the capitol of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” (Watch his full speech here. This statement occurs at 18:58). So, if Jerusalem is the undivided capitol of Israel, how is building in the eastern half of the city any different than building in the western half? Its all part of the same undivided capitol, is it not?. Yet, the Obama administration has been all in an uproar regarding Israel’s announcement of its approval of the building of 1,600 housing units in Ramat Shlomo, a neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Recent comments by the Obama administration have been called “especially troubling” by the ADL and “very worrying” by AIPAC. So what is it? Did Obama mean that Jerusalem is, and ought to be, the undivided capitol of Israel, or not? Or was he merely pandering for the “Jewish [and Zionist] vote?”

In that same speech (at 25:11), Obama, also, said, “I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon – everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything.” Did he mean that, as well? Or does be plan on “flip-flopping” on that as well? Only time will tell. But, let us hope that, on this, the Obama administration does not intend to have a change of heart.

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  • Feels damned good to say “I told you so.” Unfortunately, it’s at Israel’s expense and not just at most American Jews’ foolish pride. For you 75%, consider yourselves suckered. Don’t feel bad, at your hearts were in the right place.

  • By the way, I’m surprised that no one here has covered the fact that a Rabbi was called in protect Sean “Chavez” Penn from a scary female journalist. What? Not Jewlicious enough?

  • Still doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for Palin or Romney or whatever neocon shill you want in 2012. However, if you can find me someone like John Anderson in 1980, I might consider it.

  • I hope I don’t have to vote for either of them myself. However, I’d vote for Laika the Cosmonaut dog before Obama. Romney, a neocon? hahaha. More like a RINO. I have no dog in the game, yet.

  • I just LOVE rhetorical questions.

    It was all pandering, of course.

    And Obama hasn’t had a change of heart about Iran and nukes, either. He never had any intention of stopping them. He just lied to everyone that he did.

    He’s a politician. It’s what they do. Just some more than others. And some are more shameless about it than others.

    Like I said before the election: you can’t trust anyone who hangs around with people like Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi and Samantha Power and who says that he’s a “friend of Israel”. Some things are just obvious.

  • Oh believe me, I’m pissed at him for other reasons, namely his lack of action and doubletalk on health care (though you teabaggers think he’s doing a government takeover. Well, listen here: the only taking-over in this bill is being done by the HMOs. If Clinton led and pressed too much in 1993-94, Obama is being too aloof this time around).

    That being said, a report came out saying that Cash for Clunkers was a bona fide success in getting older engines off the road and increasing sales in the short-term and the long-term (a “halo” effect), so gotta give props where props are due.

  • I’m not a “teabagger”, jackass.

    We’re not talking about health care or cash for clunkers here. We’re talking about how Obama shafts Israel at every opportunity.

    Stay on point, would you?

  • The Obama admin is attempting to impose the Palestinian will on Israel by fiat: ie. a “two-state solution” + resettlement of refugees + no real committment to halt violence or make further territorial/refugee-related demands.

    Sit tight Bibi. There’s 3 more years of this guy to endure.

  • Joshua and Alex: to be clear, this post has nothing to do with Obama’s political party. Rather, it has to do with his reversing on his positions about Israel. Had a Republican president done this, I would have written the same post.

  • Dahlia,

    I didn’t say anything about the Democrats being traitors, even though the majority of anti-Semites in this country vote Democrat.

    I specifically implied that Obama is a POS traitor. If he was a Republican, and not a Marxist loser, I’d say the same thing.

  • Still no post about Sean “Chavez” Penn using a Rabbi to protect himself from the press, after calling for people to be locked up for calling Chavez a dictator and wiching rectal cancer on his critics.

    Is that not Jewy enough, that some Rabbi and his congregation is running interference for this POS? It would be nice to read about something other than bashing Israel over some drama the Marxists many of you voted for caused.

    • Sashka, pay me 4,000,000€ per month, and I’ll blog whatever your heart desires. In the meantime, I’ll tend to my job as my schedule and duties require me to, which currently is 18 hours per day, because I’m a Capitalist.

  • Now THIS is how it’s done:

    “Sean Penn is Allowed to Desecrate a Holy Place”

    “Almost every Synagogue ,I’ve ever entered has these Hebrew words somewhere in its sanctuary, Dah Lifnei Mi Atah Ohmed, they are usually on top of the Ark which houses the holy scroll of the Torah. It means “Know Before Whom You Stand.” It’s a signal to remember that where ever you go, you stand before God. It’s also a signal that the Synagogue is a Holy Place, and you need to be careful what you do, say and bring into this holy building.

    Yesterday Rabbi Lustig of the Washington Hebrew Congregation, forgot the meaning of that Hebrew phrase, when he allowed serial hater Sean Penn to use his Shul for a publicity stunt.

    Granted, the reason for Penn to be in his House of Worship was a fundraiser for the victims of the horrible Haiti earthquake, but I can’t recall one place in the Torah where the ends justify the means. If the Rabbi had tried to find a different “name” he could have.

    Penn is a bully, having been convicted of assault twice (and has one more on the way). He has visited and befriended murderous tyrants such as Sadaam Hussein, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, thus giving legitimacy to their murderous acts.

    In Judaism we are taught not to wish evil upon our enemies, we are to pray that they change their ways. This is what Sean Penn wishes upon his enemies “Do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah

    In truth, Penn’s presence in the Washington Congregation is what Jews call a Chilul HaShem, a desecration of God’s name.”

  • Good. I didn’t know Capitalists were defined by the numbers of hours they worked. I’ve always learned its better to work less and get paid more than to work a lot, so I hope you take care of yourself.

    However, it seems TM has had a lot of time lately for lengthy posts bashing on Israel. Perhaps he could have spared a minute or two. Just sayin.

  • Middle, why am I not surprised? Sean, after all is on your side of the political spectrum. All international and all that good stuff you guys cherish.

    Froylein, I feel for you. Work smart, not hard. Hard work for little pay is a sucker’s game.

    • Sashka, a positive correlation means that the more you work, the more you earn. If it were the less you work, the more you earn, there’d be an element of exploitation somewhere.

  • Actually, I couldn’t care less about Sean Penn other than when he gives a performance worth watching for my $10 at the cinema. If you haven’t noticed, my name isn’t The Leftist, and it isn’t The Rightist.

    Other than that, thanks for continuing to remind us what the Right looks like today. I would say the best way to describe it is “tone deaf.” You guys have gone so wacko that anything that doesn’t reflect your views is some sort of Commie-flavored idiocy.

    Try to get some nuance into your life.

  • 1. Nuance is for moral relativists.

    2. You’re as much in the middle as I am. Dude, you are a bonafied leftist. Be proud rather than shady about it. I can’t remember the last righty perspective you’ve given, honestly. Embrace your inner liberal, it’s very freeing and a bit stinky too.

    3. I guess you can paint the entire right with a broad brush like that if you like, but I get to use you as an example of the entire left in that case. The difference between a lot of non-Russified Russian Jews like my family for instance, and the “typical right” in America, is that calm, rational people like my mother and father (who have had much more education and experiences than probably everyone in here) have experienced Marxism/Socialism/Communism firsthand, were direct victims of those ideologies, and can with certainty state “if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck”. I think I’d trust a dissident from the Soviet Union on what is or isn’t Marxism much sooner than naive American Jews who have always pined for a more “fair and just world”, just as the first Jewish Communists in the FSU eagerly did, much to their chagrin later on, when they were purged from the party by their peers. Just like what has slowly happened to American Jews in the Democratic party as well as the anti-War movement and even the Civil Rights movement.

  • Really, I love all you guys and gals. I just like giving you a hard time.

  • middle: i’m on the right end of the spectrum on many issues… i seem to be unaware off the fact that that means that i cannot think critically on many issues

  • Did Obama pull the billions of US aid to Israel??? Oh that’s right, he merely issued some words. Go back to getting worked up about nothing.

  • All this Third World President (yes, Rush called him that today, and I agree) does is talk. He can’t act. That’s something you usually learn in business, of which he has zero experience. He’s a Utopian philosopher, a paper tiger, a real ineffective, effeminate pansy. President Pantywaist, who only knows how to talk tough to allies and sweet talk to enemies. His or his retarded monkey VP’s words are nothing more powerful than the dramatic scripts read aloud on Telemundo daytime soap operas. The American people overwhelming side with Israel, as any intelligent person would, so all this big boy talk does is make him look weak, which we already know is his hallmark, and inspire his anti-Israel friends and associates. Much ado about nothing.

  • Dahlia, I would have to ask you some more questions before I can answer that. 😉

    The idea is this: if you walk around thinking that anybody to your left, no matter how moderate they are in their views, is undermining the world and there’s no room for compromise, then you’re one of the wackos. There are quite a few of them representing the right in DC these days. They’re called Republicans and they obey their leader Rush. There used to be reasonable Republicans, but I don’t know where they went.

    Then again, after the past week’s performance at the White House, I may support the Republicans in the upcoming elections and in the next presidential campaign.

  • No Froylein, on this issue Alex is correct. Working hard does not necessarily earn as much as working smart and less hard.

    • Middle, there’s a difference between legal and legitimate business behaviour. The Capitalist idea is not exploitation but that work should be rewarded. What is easy work for me might seem hard work to others. Time is just trivial to me because I sleep little and have got time to pursue hobbies (also, I take three months off per year 🙂 ).

      I suppose you both are employed in some fashion, but the people on the top usually work considerably more hours than their employees and bear considerably more responsibilities, hence the difference in income.

  • I’m not disputing that owners of businesses or senior management work hard. However, there is no correlation between hard work and long hours and additional pay. Does the salary of a senior manager correlate to his hours or to his status? Status. Does her salary compare to that of lower-level employees on the basis of extra time worked or on the basis of position within the hierarchy. Position.

    Also, I don’t know about Germany, but a lot of the “work” that owners and senior managers do in North America involves wining and dining clients and colleagues, not to mention activities like golfing or tennis to lubricate business dealings.

  • Froylein,

    You say exploitation, I call it productivity. In that case, I hope to only find workers like you to hire. 🙂

    • Ah, Middle, business is different here. A business dinner or any kind of entertainment or sports would generally be considered unprofessional.

      The senior manager usually doesn’t enter the company as a senior manager but works their way up. Their status usually is the product of the hard work of years. (I say “usually” because there are always exceptions.) Also, the higher the rank, the higher the responsibility, and over here generally, the higher the degree of education (which required an investment into studies beyond basic secondary education).

      Sashka, you’re one true post-Soviet aparatshik-hopeful. 😀

  • middle: Touché. As I have not recently been following the workings of capitol hill, I’ll have to defer to your assessment as this time.

    froylein: thank’s for sharing about the business world in Germany. I had no idea that it functioned so differently from the US (and Israel, for that matter… but there’s no surprise there. ) thanks 🙂

  • Ehm, has no one stopped to notice that the following two claims are not inconsistent:

    1) Jerusalem is not to be divided.
    2) Housing projects in east jerusalem should not be undertaken and announced while the US tries to get two sides to negotiate.

    There is no contradiction, nor a flip-flop here. Undividedness in the relevant sense does not mean no divisions whatsoever, anymore than Muffti’s support for an undivided Toronto means that he doesn’t think the roads shouldn’t be divided into lanes.

    Perhaps Obama has ‘flip flopped’ in other ways, though Muffti doesn’t really see it yet. He sees a president trying to get negotiations going and an israeli government at least in part giving their most supportive ally the finger.

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