A UC Davis student, living in a Jewish residence, was disturbed to find a swastika carved into her door. Muffti hopes they find the perp and treat it like a hate crime. Source the Sac Bee
Yesterday the LGBT centre was defaced as well (see: here. Muffti hates homophobes and anti-semites but he hates cowardly ones even more. He was happy to read that student response was swift and supportive.

Authorities are investigating vandalism at a University of California Davis dorm room occupied by a Jewish student.

The student this week found a two-inch swastika carved into her dorm room door. The freshman student, who asked not to be identified, told television station KXTV that she was scared and confused.

In letter sent Friday to students and faculty, UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi says the university will not ignore deliberate acts that demean and threaten others.

Campus authorities are searching for the vandal.

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  • I’ve experienced anti-Semitism a few times, but unfortunately, telling someone and them putting out a strongly worded letter won’t do much. In the FSU, when my dad was repeatedly beat up by Russians as a kid, he sought out other Jews with the same problem. They ganged up, learned to fight, and stood up for each other. They stopped getting beat up. I’m not saying some young studious girl needs to turn to violence, but there are a million vindictive things that can be done to our enemies. Fun, creative, lasting and effective things. But our peeps frown on that stuff. Rabbi Yonah may even have to say a prayer for me. Hopefully they find the bastard, give him the normal slap on the wrist, and he’s named. Once he’s named, that’s all you need. Then you make the rest of his life miserable. Every single one of those punks who disrupted Orens speech should be messed with as well. This is ridiculous. So if you’re going to give me the whole, “that’s not productive, that will increase the problems”, I ask you, how well has what you’ve been trying been working thus far? Call Abe Foxman, he’ll straighten this out!

    And lastly, can someone explain what a “hate” crime is and how it differs from say someone attacking someone they hate who isn’t of a different minority?

  • A hate crime is one that doesn’t target just one person, but rather seeks to intimidate an entire group based on race/religion/orientation. The vandalisms were “message-sending” crimes to the respective communities, hence why they’re hate crimes and must be dealt with more seriously than if it were something more random.

  • So some punk kid who doesn’t like Jews tried to send a messge to me and you by carving that in her door? I mean, I’m not defending this scum, but he hurt a door right? I mean, is that really a hate crime? There’s just a fine line there I’m not comfortable with. Besides, recently we found out that the black girl at some university who found a noose hanging from her door actually did it herself. Some innocent kid could have been accidentally accused of a hate crime for that. I just hope this isn’t one of those cases.

  • Alex, so far as ‘some innocent kid could have been accidentally accused of a hate crime’ lines go, this is true of any and all crimes. Any crime could be such that we punish an innocencent person for it by accident. So why pick on hate crimes??

    Having said that, Muffti does not like the notion of a hate crime either and thinks there is something wrong with it. however, given that the category exists and is applied, it would be rahter non even handed to not apply it here.