Jew Controlled Media. Right.

Israeli filmAjami lost the Best Foreign Film Oscar to some Argentinian flick. That’s 3-years in a row that an Israeli film got nominated and lost. I don’t think the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man won anything and the Nazi in Inglorious Basterds won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. I think the Jews got stiffed. At least they threw us a bone during the introduction:

I mean, man, Ajami was awesome! It was flat out a great story and the fact that the cast was predominantly amateur made it that much more amazing. A Serious Man was simply brilliant in the way that it weaved the evolution of Jewish thought into a modern day story of Job. And yet? Bupkes! Now you know what to tell them next time they say we control the media.

inspired by a chat with Gad

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  • Just wanted to note that Chris Waltz’s son is in fact a Haredi Rabbi living in Israel (he converted) and Waltz apparently nearly did so himself, so it isn’t a total loss on that front.

  • Let me add two more bones

    The screenwriter of The Hurt Locker had a bi-polar 2010 so far. He got nominated for an Oscar in January. Then his father suddenly passed away at 79. His father was an education video and film maker. He had to fly back to NYC and sit shiva. And now, in March, he scores at the Spirit Awards and the Academy Awards.

    Also… Ben Stiller… dressed as a Na’vi in Blueface, and speaking Na’vi, actually said, “PESACHHH BO RAY PRRRREEEEEEE, Ha GAFEN” if you listen closely to his speech.

    Also.. wasnt the dog, Doug, in the animated film, UP!, half Jewish?

    And did you notice the use of the word Mishigas? It is a Hollywood word, I suppose.

  • That was funny.

    Didn’t care much for Basterds or Ajami. But Waltz gave a good performance. Better yet, you could tell how accomplished an actor he was from his portrayal. I even have a feeling that he meant to convey a more multi-dimensional character than the script required or intended, just to show us his chops.

  • “A Serious Man” was a terrible movie. Jewish or not, it didn’t deserve to win. I just watched it Sunday afternoon because of the buzz, and was greatly disappointed, and I didn’t like it’s representation of Jewish life or culture. I get that it’s more of an artistic piece, but I didn’t find the quality of the art anything worthy of praise. Except for Simon Helberg, his cameo was the only think I genuinely enjoyed (I liked that he showed he could play something different than Howard Wolowitz).

  • A Serious Man was the greatest Jewish film of the decade. Even better than The Believer.

    I still am confused and a bit bitter at how Waltz With Bashir lost.

  • How ignorant to call the Austrian actor a Nazi just because he played one, and very well at that. You seem like a narrow-minded sore loser…if it’s not Jewish, then it can’t be good. If we want to be respected and “understood”, then it’s about time that we do the same.


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