What Jew can resist?

So you should already know about Jewcy, right? Jewcy claims “over 120,000 unique visitors connect to Jewcy.com every month. Jewcy has twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site written by or for young Jews.” Jewcy further describes itself as “… an online media outlet/blog, social network, and brand devoted to helping Jews and their peers expand the meaning of community by presenting a spectrum of voices, content, and discussion.”

Launched in November 2006 as a as a for-profit Jewish cultural magazine, things were humming right along until February 2009. That’s when primary funder, theater mogul Jon Steingart, and other major backers, Michael Weiner and Michael Steinhardt announced that they were pulling Jewcy’s funding. The reason for this was that they did not see Jewcy’s business model as a viable one. The staff was let go and the offices were vacated and things looked pretty grim. A few die hard staffers, led by Lilit Marcus, decided to keep the project going on a voluntary basis and Jewcy kept chugging along. In October 2009, JDub, the nonprofit Jewish music label decided to adopt Jewcy. Lilit Marcus was hired by JDub to be Jewcy’s editor. Marcus left Jewcy/Jdub and became Editor-in-chief of The Gloss, a beauty and fashion blog owned by B5 Media. Jewcy is now helmed by Jason Diamond, an associate editor at Impose Magazine.

So… so yeah, running a popular Jewish online Web site is hard work, and despite the fact that JDub and Jewcy have been given NYC office space and a strategic partnership by Tablet Magazine, there are still bills to pay. Now this is where the magic comes in! Jewcy’s Board of directors have issued a challenge! For every dollar you, the members of the general public donate to Jewcy, the BOD will donate another dollar, up to $10,000! See, for every dollar you donate, Jewcy will get two. That’s what we call a bargain! OK, not really magic, just generosity – but a bargain nonetheless.

Are you moved? Then click on down to the Jewcy donation page over at Razoo and help them raise $10,000 by June 30th. Help support independent Jewish media! Oh and if you donate more than $10, you get a free “I am Jewcy” sticker. Neat-o.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • You have to be kidding. Why are you fundraising for these guys and repeating their lies? Did they pay you or something? And anyway, they are lying about their traffic. And YOU are lying about their traffic also. And about who reads them.

  • Hey Jewlicious does this look like 120,000 uniques per month and does this look like a young people are reading Jewcy the most? This directly measured statistics graph says that their largest readership is in their 50s. So exactly how old are the other not as young sites? In their 60s?

    And how many unique visitors per month? 120,000 yeah, right.

    You don’t care to fact check because you aren’t the ones laying out the cash. But others who don’t undertand these things will be fooled but you don’t care it’s not your problem. That’s why people hate blogs. They are lazy, they don’t do research, they just kiss up to get links.

    And they aren’t independent either. They are funded by the UJA, just like the community newspapers.

    • Good grief, Shavuah Tov! Look, I just quoted their figures is all. I can say this about quantcast, as far as Jewlicious goes, neither their numbers nor their trending corresponds to our very conservative directly measured Google stats. Now I know that quantcast’s stats on Jewcy are directly measured but as far as their demographic information, I’m guessing it’s an estimate? In any case, according to quantcast’s demographics, Jewcy’s readership is

      18-34: 32%
      35-49: 27%
      49+: 33%

      So, you could say that their largest segment is 18-49 right?

      Look I was just trying to be nice. I figured a healthy Jewish new media market is good for everyone. I mean what’s the big deal? It’s just $10,000!

      Finally, in order for me to be lying, I have to know it’s a lie. I still don’t. I think quantcast’s numbers might be off. They say Jewcy had 6,700 visitors in the last month. That’s a massive discrepancy and I have to assume there is something wrong… like maybe they implemented their quantcast code wrong? I don’t know. And as far as editorial independence, we get Federation money too! See that banner ad up top? That’s paid for by National Federation. And of course we get some support from Long Beach Federation for our Festival. Does that mean we’re not independent?

  • Hey Get A Job, what the heck are you doing? Jewlicious tries to do a mitzvah and help a struggling Jewish voice on the Internet, one that has people who earn a living there, and you can’t abide a struggling publication getting a little help? ck presented how they represent themselves, and with all due respect to sites that try to quantify site visitors and populations, they can be wrong. It could be that Jewcy used to have readership of that size and it has dwindled. Who knows? What’s wrong with trying to help them survive?

    Bitter people. Sheesh.

  • Jewcy was always into “inovative” traffic building tactics. Some of them were white hat and some were black hat. Craig would have all those details but I doubt he’d own up to it. All I am suggesting is that you take a look at the comment history of one “Ismail” before the money ran out and after the money ran out. I think those funding Jewcy should investigate the possibility of Jewish community funds being used to pay an anti-Israel aggitator to aggitate against Israel. Why? It was great for page views!

    Jewcy sunk a lot of money that could have been used better elsewhere. Well, at least I got to go to a lot of office parties and drink a lot of free liquor. Now those days are over and Jdub is going to have to run a tighter ship, but Bisman has to know that his stats are skewed and he’s building on what was always a shady proposition.

    10 or 20k is bound to go a lot farther now than it did in the old days and this post was extremely magnanimous. You should have heard how they slagged Jewlicious! As far as I know, they still do. That’s why it might be hard to understand this post. Actually, I don’t understand this post at all. You can’t possibly be that unaware!

  • JDUB got into publishing five seconds ago. They will make $1000 from their readers and your readers, and $999,000 the way they usually do, from the boards that they are on and use as their own personal bank accounts. They get on boards and pay their own salaries. And now YOU are Jewcy? For shame!

    • Look, kids, Jewcy doesn’t appeal to me at all, but at some point a few people must have thought that Jewcy had come up with a convincing enough concept to fund the site. Whether it was well- or ill-deserved funding was for the donors to evaluate and decide; at that, the exact number of readers matters about this much: 0.
      Apparently, those donors also decided that whatever projects you guys proposed – and this seems to be the case going by the bitterness of the bickering – wasn’t worthy of their money. Now, introducing conspiracy theories while going on slanderous, envy-fuelled rants will pretty much get you nowhere. Don’t pretend to be “in the know” if you’re not willing to add your name and motivation to your story.

  • Envious=yes. Slanderous=no.

    They get a lot of money from the Jewish community as it is. A lot. http://www.jewishjournal.com/music/article/jdub_throws_off_the_label_and_opts_for_change_20080722/

    Now they want you to give them petty donations so they can promote their own bands and trash anyone they feel hasn’t kissed their ring properly: http://www.jewcy.com/post/circle_life_crown_heights_disney_world#

    Why should you raise money for them so they can just promote their own bands? Ask your rapper friends how independent they think Jewcy is from JDUB.

    Maybe instead of hiring someone’s boyfriend they should have hired someone who has the JEwish literacy thing down. You know, someone who doesn’t think that there are four dollars to every shekel. http://www.jewcy.com/post/how_not_get_your_book_banned_israel

    I bet they are better at math when counting the petty donations from Jewlicious readers that they pretend are paying their inflated salaries.

    Hey Froyline, how much do you guess the head of JDUB is making?

  • Ask them how much they pay the people who write for them. Oh wait, they don’t.

  • So what? We don’t pay our writers either. What’s your point Jew wish? Actually, I suspect I’m not going to care.

  • Look at that. Despite all the money they raise FOR THEMSELVES, they collect a few pennies from their appeal, and suddenly, YOU are Jewcy. Go to the bottom of the page. http://www.jewcy.com/post/you_are_jewcy

    “Jewcy is reader supported.” No, it isn’t.

    And to Don’t Fudge above, it doesn’t matter if that guy knows math or how many shekels are to a dollar. What matters is he knows music and can promote JDUBs acts, pretend that they are all so Indy like acts that are not and would never go on JDUBS label and help convince them to collaborate with them on projects.

    Oh, and I wonder where JDUB came up with the idea of a top 100 list http://www.heebmagazine.com/heeb100/

    Why don’t you promote that as well?

  • What then is the big plan get a job? Have their numbers been affected by a severe cut in paid writers? It doesn’t look like it. On the other hand, it seems that despite multiple “You are Jewcy” banner ads as well as the support of this site, Jewcy’s 120,000 monthly individual readers have ponied up only $1389. That comes down to an average of 11.5 cents per reader.

    Again, what is JDub’s plan? Is this latest fundraising shindig an attempt to show potential funders that Jewcy has community buy in? Do they want to be the premiere Jewish online magazine for the Jewish young at heart over 50 set? Do they want to be junior Tablet? Or is JDub simply looking for another revenue stream?

    What’s the angle o wise one?

  • Maybe if you know what’s good for you, you will put an end to the vulgar comments here.

    We already borrowed from another publisher today. They have the good sense to keep their normally obnoxious mouths shut.

    As for you…would you like us to open a college student festival in LA this year or next? The LA Federation will do whatever we want, so maybe you should shut up or face earlier obviation.

    Maybe you should lock the comments. Just a friendly suggestion. 😉

  • Uhm… we’re not going to lock comments. We never do that. But I get it. You’re trying to be funny as no one from Jewcy or JDub would ever write that. Look, we don’t shy away from competition and the way I figure it, the more the merrier. I just want to know, why did you people all of a sudden decide to surface here and now? This post is TOTALLY benign. There are all kinds of forums out there. This post is already on the second page of Jewlicious! Like… what the hell? OK, I get it. Some people are pissed at Jewcy. So what???

  • This week I won a Jewcy 100 mention, and now I am totally Jewced! My life has changed forever. And they assured my at Jewcy that it this nothing to do with the fact that I am a JDub partner, so don’t think that, because that isn’t why for any of the fifty of us where that just happens to be the case.


    JDub partner who received a Jewcy 100 mention (could be one of fifty people, so my anonymity is protected)

    Sorry some of you are jealous, but maybe you should do something important with your lives. Like work with JDub.

  • I have discussed this situation with select members of the seventeen boards I sit on, and you are going to be given one more chance.

    I hate to obviate the little people before my business plan demands it, but do not force my hand.

    Additionally, there have not been sufficient pledges. Our You ARe Jewcy list looks a lot like our comments section. So about showing a little love and giving us another post but this time with no comments allowed.

  • To anyone still reading this thread, I would point out that there are plenty of groups that create lists. No one owns a list of 100, even if this was done in a very specific way, all too similar in form to what a competing periodical has done annually for years. Obviously, the categories are all too similar.

    But. If you really think that this is a corrupt, nepotistic, and plagiarist list, why don’t you people do the hard work and prove that aspect of it? Right now, quite frankly, it could be dismissed as sour grapes over creating a list period. I’m not saying that’s the case, but to the casual reader, that’s how it could appear.

  • Go ahead and investigate. We have nothing to hide. Everyone we picked was 100 percent chosen solely because of merit. And their was no copycat duplication. Go ahead. We have nothing to hide!

  • “Ambivalent” JDub fan is probably no ambivalent at all, but a JDub person trying to create controversy and interest over there ripoff of the Heeb 100 which no one even on their site cares about.

  • Ambivalent JDub Fan: Are all JDub/Jewcy fans ambivalent? They must be! So far the release of the Big Jewcy list has generated an average of .125 comments per post. Is it safe to say that Jewcy under JDub’s administration has totally lost it? I think it is – and the Jewcy 100 is a perfect example of why.

    For starters the Jewcy 100 is a total ripoff of the Heeb 100. It’s ok to have a list, but Jewcy’s is in every way a complete copy of Heeb’s – from its focus on hipper than thou young Jews to the grand finale party celebrating all the hipness. Next, we know that JDub acquired Jewcy as part of an overall media strategy wherein one hand would wash the other so to speak, but a house organ that lacks any editorial independence and promotes its owner’s interests above all others is uninteresting. Media savvy young Jews don’t like it whether the owner is a local Federation or a hip Jewish record company.

    Let us look at the Jewcy 100 in a manner suggested by “Ambivalent JDub Fan.” In no particular order…

    The Big Jewcy: Patrick Aleph, PunkTorah/Musician: They add a disclaimer that Patrick is a Jewcy contributor – 31 posts They should have also stated that Patrick works for Modern Tribe, the company that sells Jewcy swag online.

    The Big Jewcy: Adam Lustick, Funnyman/Writer/Rapper: Another Jewcy contributor!

    Marc Tracy, Allison Hoffman and Josh Lambert all work for Tablet Magazine. Tablet and JDub/Jewcy have a marketing agreement and Tablet has provided office space to JDub/Jewcy. Marc, Allison and Josh are also listed in the Big Jewcy.

    Music publicist Judy Miller Silverman is a member of the JDub Board of Directors. She is also a member of the Big Jewcy.

    Former blogger Daniel Sieradski is a member of the Big Jewcy. He works for Repair The World which has a content agreement with Jewcy. On Jewcy’s fundraising page he breathlessly declares “I support truly independent Jewish media!” while knowing full well that this media is bought and paid for by the Jewish Federations.

    Challah for Hunger founder Eli Winkelman is a member of the Big Jewcy. She is a Joshua Venture Fellow. Aaron Bisman of JDub is one of 14 members of the Joshua Venture Group Advisory Council.

    The Big Jewcy: Jesse Rifkin, Musician – The Wailing Wall
    “The Low Hanging Fruit, was just released on JDub Records (Editors note, JDub owns Jewcy)”

    The Big Jewcy: The Shondes – Not represented by JDub but they did play the JDub Purim party and JDub promoted them heavily.

    The Big Jewcy: Jeremy Krinsley, Editor of Imposemagazine.com – Jason Diamond, editor of Jewcy, is also an editor at Imposemagazine.com

    Some of these were based on disclaimers placed by Jewcy and others based on 5 minutes of research. I’m certain that a more thorough investigation will find further examples of self promotion. I say I’m certain because I already know of several other examples but I don’t want to overstate my case.

    The Big Jewcy promo reads: “The Big Jewcy celebrates people doing amazing things. It’s a list of 100 people that we think deserve to be recognized, like The Forward 50, Time 100, or the New Yorker 20 under 40, but with a special Jewcy twist.” In many cases, that “special Jewcy twist” is just another way of saying “we want to promote our friends and business partners.” Just take a look at who they didn’t include in the list for further confirmation of this assertion.

  • OK, I agree something is funny here, but I think everyone commenting needs a little reality check:

    ANY list at ANY publication is a reflection of the social and professional networks of the people making that list. How else would people know who to put on the list in the first place? If you think every “popular” or “cool” artist or performer you like doesn’t have a PR team or friends in high places behind them, you’re wrong, and you have no grasp of how the machine works. Go through all these other lists you’re discussing and you’d be genuinely surprised at what you might learn.

    Having worked in publishing for a long time, anyone calling out Jewcy for bad behavior because they are connected to some of their subjects is kidding themselves about every other publication in existence.

    • Rivkah, I can’t really tell for sure, but my impression is that the above commenters may not be so many different people at all, but that is only secondary. I don’t think that it comes as a surprise to anybody that “manus manum lavat”, so even though I don’t care too much for Jewcy, I don’t see any particular wrongdoing there either now that they need to take care of their funding themselves.
      Then again, I haven’t been mentioned on any list, so I suppose there are anti-froyleinist conspiracies at work.

  • There’s no giant conspiracy afoot here. I signed in as JDub Ubber Alles and xjewcer. There was no intent to deceive as I know Jewlicious editors can see the same or similar IP addresses originating from the same place or city. Just in case anyone should think otherwise, I signed in using two different names, ok? Good. I don’t know who the other comment writers are.

    Rivkah B. you wrote that “How else would people know who to put on the list in the first place?” The answer is simply by doing research. Is Judy Miller Silverman really such an amazing publicist? Are there publicists more amazing than her? Was JDub motivated by her amazingness or by the fact that they work together? Is the editor of Impose magazine THAT incredible? Is Tablet so awesome that no less than three of its writers needed to be featured? Is Daniel Sieradski really such an incredible digital strategist? Or is he an occasional contributor to Jewcy who also spearheaded some kind of content agreement with Jewcy? I think you understand that what I am saying is that this was a lazily put together list and that the powers that be at JDub decided to use at least some of the 100 choices to promote themselves and their associates rather than present an objectively derived list of truly exceptional people. The sad thing is that some of the choices were actually people are genuinely doing interesting things. But there selection has been tainted by the use of the list for JDub’s self serving interests.

    Jewcy has become the house organ of JDub and despite the assertions on every page, it is not a reader supported anything. Two weeks left in their reader supported fundraiser and they have raised only $1543 of the $10,000 they want to raise and no one is leaving comments on the Big Jewcy profiles.

    I suspect that this is all an exercise in trying to convince community funders that Jewcy does indeed have a large and supportive audience. The $10,000 they want to raise is peanuts compared to what they have to raise to cover staff salaries and expenses. They need philanthropic dollars to keep going. Do they actually deserve to keep going? Sure! Why not? But they ought to be called out when they are so obviously trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

    As for froylein, not that this is any commentary or reflection on your skills at all, but don’t expect to ever be on any Jewcy list.

    • Dan, if we did such a list, would critics not hold it against us if it contained people we know? (Something which in CK’s case might be tough to avoid.)

  • “The Big Jewcy celebrates people doing amazing things. It’s a list of 100 people that we think deserve to be recognized, like The Forward 50, Time 100, or the New Yorker 20 under 40, but with a special Jewcy twist.”

    This is the biggest problem, because from the start, it is a ripoff of Heeb and they are blatantly pretending they hven’t heard of the Heeb 100 even though there editor used to work for Heeb and this is a highway hijacking.

    Do u people really thing JDUB’S dishonesty started with this? Bull crap! This kind of public chutzpah only happens after years of “borrowing” behind closed doors. Just ask your rapper and musician friends in the jewish music scene.

    Oh, right. U people call that COMPETITION. That is so messed up.

    Why don’t you at least do a disclaimer at the bottom of this post? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do under the circumstances?

    • What kind of disclaimer? I don’t get it. So they didn’t give Heeb any props. So what?

  • Guys, Heeb isn’t even a magazine anymore. I’m currently searching for a job on Craigslist as I type this. In the meantime, I’m happy that Jewcy is carrying the torch and continued running with an idea that we ripped off from The Forward.

  • And I’m pretty sure the Simpson’s did it too.

    No you’re right. The Forward list is an attempt at highlighting 50 noteworthy Jews based on some kind of objective criteria. The Heeb 100 is a little more shmoozy and familiar but there is no doubt that the people on it are legitimately noteworthy. The Jewcy list is completely original in that the level of cronyism and nepotism contained within are off the charts. I can see the editor thinking “Gosh. That is one fine lookin’ 23 year old Journalist chick! I’d loooove to get with her, but how? Wait!! I know!!!”

    Then he continues…

    “Hey cutey… how would you like to be publicly toasted by a Jewish online mag that hardly anyone reads anymore, as one of the 100 most interesting Jews of today?”

    She replies…

    “Would I? Would I ever!”

    Now cue in the porno music track!

  • http://blogs.jta.org/philanthropy/article/2010/05/28/2739349/newsletter-how-is-heeb1

    “They both are generating revenue by offering marketing services to Jewish groups. JDub has a partnership with the cultural group Nextbook and its online magazine, Tablet, in which it acts as their PR wing”

    Do you think Tablet got a deal for getting three writers as opposed to one or two? They must have, or why do three?

    This is what they call “carrying the torch,” hmm?

  • Guten Morgen!
    I think Jewcy and JDub have gotten a bit carried away with their newfound role as marketers of Jewish content. For instance, I love Montreal bagels as much as the next guy. No trip to Montreal is complete without a late night run to Fairmont or St. Viateur for freshly baked sesame seed bagels to help soak up all the alcohol and other substances consumed that evening. Who knows, maybe the sale of day old Montreal Bagels to New Yorkers is something legitimately worthy of Big Jewcy 100 status. But one has to wonder if there was some other motivation involved after perusing an ad for that same purveyor of Montreal bagels in Jewcy. Let me restate that point – when Big Jewcer Joel Tietolman is not busy with his Big Jewcy responsibilities, he’s giving Jewcy readers an extra half dozen bagels when they order a dozen from his Mile End Montreal Bagel joint – at least according to the banner ad I am looking at on Jewcy.com.

    You can see the problem, right? This seems to be a major failing of the list in that a casual outside observer doesn’t know who on the list is truly cool and noteworthy and who is there simply because of a strategic association with JDub/Jewcy. One has to ask, is Jewcy exposing you to the very best in cool contemporary Jewish music for instance, or are they just promoting artists mainly from the JDub roster? Since the VAST majority of their operating revenue is provided by Federations and Philanthropies, is JDub going to allow Jewcy to write anything remotely critical of say, the Los Angeles Jewish Federation?

    I also couldn’t help notice that Jewlicious made a donation to the Jewcy campaign? Are you people total morons? Are you going to place your free “I am Jewcy” sticker on your asses?

    • ck already has that tattoo. Froylein is getting one on her breasts. I refuse to wear tattoos unless Jewcy lists me on their Big Jewcy 100 status. That tells you which of us are morons.

      • I don’t have any tattoos. Are you listening Mom?

        Uh… JDub Ubber Alles? I can’t see anywhere that you’re lying but still, why are you doing this?

  • I went to their party last night. It was under attended. This will be photoshopped out of their description of how wonderful it was, but the reality is, despite 100 plus hosts, it was very lame.

    People know what is up.

  • Hmmmm, what did I do last night?

    I watched some Worldcup. Skipped dinner cause I was too tired. Replied to a few emails by students. Then I went to sleep. I’m very lame.

  • I’m coming into this pretty late.. But for what it’s worth, the Quantcast code seems to only be on the homepage.

  • Good one Craig! You are correct! The Quantcast code is only on the home page. And yet JDub/Jewcy claim “over 120,000 unique visitors connect to Jewcy.com every month. Jewcy has twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site written by or for young Jews.” Now let me get this straight. If what they say is true, Jewcy gets 120,000 unique visitors every month but only 7,300 bother visiting the home page? Now I don’t know much about the Internet, you’re the expert, but isn’t the home page usually the most trafficked part of the site? Doesn’t Jewcy’s claim kind of strain the bounds of credulity just a little? Fully 103,000 individuals a month NEVER check out the home page? Craig, both you and I know that’s crap, especially since they’re counting unique visitors and page views.

    And there’s more. How about that part where Jewcy claims “twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site written by or for young Jews.” What’s that statement based on? Cold hard objectively determined statistics? Or lies aimed at securing yet another monster grant from clueless old philanthropists and Federations?

    You jumped in here Craig. Now your professional credibility is at stake. Can you please explain these discrepancies?

  • Donations on the Razoo page have grown without any more donors logging in since YOUR WTF! donation before the weekend. Let me guess…the rest of the donations will be anonymous. JDub will then announce that “the people” have supported them.

    “Oh, thank you so much, you the readers, you the Jewish masses, with your $10 pledges that were made in the dark of night. Thank you Uncle Morty, I mean, Klal Yisroel.”

    Then they turn to the funders, oh look at the massive support we received!

    What a cynical joke, but even the Jewlicious people can’t see it.

  • GAJ, I really don’t care how Jewcy makes money. I work full-time. I live in a nice house. I’ve got a retirement plan and health insurance. I travel frequently.
    Call me indifferent, but I’m more concerned with doing my little share in achieving world peace and solving developmental problems than with pointing out to an online mag that doesn’t appeal to me that some people might consider their claims about traffic and revenue fraudulent.

    Really now, this thread will stay open, but is this the place to fight your fight?

  • Froyline, you guys started this conversation. Maybe instead of insisting that it isn’t really an endorsement, you should either retract your post of appeal or expain why these accusations are not true.

    • Uhmmm, no, the post is not about ex-Jewcy staff feeling slighted and getting back at Jewcy.

      Nobody’s going to retract this post, and nobody’s got to answer accusations by anonymous creeps, partly hiding behind proxy IPs.

      Welcome to adult life.

  • Oh meine kleine Schnuckelchen, to your first point, Maybe you don’t care as an individual, but in the grand scheme of things, a post about a Jewcy fundraiser begs for discussion about the underlying merits of Jewcy. JDub/Jewcy have an annual budget of $1.2 million of which $800,000 comes from donations. These donations, which Jewlicious helped to solicit, are based at least in part on claims that are patently false, claims that outright dis Jewlicious and other online media by and for young Jews. I haven’t a clue as to why you would want to be a party to such a fraud… is ck shtupping someone at Jewcy? Because Jewcy is certainly shtupping ck!

    None of the assertions that I have made here are false. I even tried to avoid making comments about the Big Jewcy party for instance because I wasn’t there. I was told that it was sparsely attended, which is not surprising given how few people commented on the posts, but I don’t know, maybe it was a really great sparsely attended party? I wanted to restrict my claims to those that could be independently verified. I am as anonymous as just about anyone here and my anonymity is no reflection on the relevance and veracity of what’s been said.

    I can’t speak about the other comment writers but I do understand their desire to remain anonymous. While they may not be so good at creating a real online community, the powers that be at JDub/Jewcy are involved in things like the Joshua Venture Group, Six Points and Tablet Magazine. This gives them access to a bunch of influential and powerful Jews – get on their shit list and you can fully expect to be blacklisted. No one wants that, it’s hard enough to make an honest living as is.

    I don’t know who is reading this, but I do appreciate the opportunity to vent and I don’t think I am being creepy. These are important matters, beyond JDub/Jewcy that go to the heart of Jewish philanthropic giving, Jewish innovation and social entrepreneurship. I think these issues merit open and public discussion.

    • JDub Ubber Alles: wtf does “meine kleine Schnuckelchen” mean? I understand your point about meriting public discussion but this is kind of being forced down our throats a little isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be better to have this discussion on Jewcy.com? You sure do seem to know a lot about Jewcy and JDub and maybe they’ll appreciate an informed critique or something? And no, with my living in Jerusalem and most of JDub’s people in New York, I couldn’t shtupp anyone there if I wanted to. I don’t feel we’re being shtupped either – Jewlicious is rolling right along, as it has for the last 6 years, thank you.

  • Jung, wenn de mesch e Schnuckelscher nenne wells, dann dätste dat besser reschtesch hinkreije. Su bi dau schwätzt heh käne.

  • Hello. I don’t work for Jewcy anymore, but I am advisor to them on technical matters because I know more about the backend of the site than anyone else. I can’t really speak to where their traffic is coming from, but it certainly makes sense to me that it isn’t coming directly to the homepage.

    It’s really tricky to get people to come to your homepage. If someone comes to your homepage, it means they expressly are looking for you, your website, and only your website.

    At last check, around half of Jewcy’s traffic was coming from organic search. The magazine’s been around for 3 years, so, that’s 3 years of daily writing topics that at least someone thought was important or entertaining enough to write about. And Google indexes all of those.

    Jewcy, like Jewlicious, has a Google pagerank of 7 out of 10, which means that Google gives their pages respect over other pages. Jewcy has attempted to provide a service as an informational repository and to go on record as a thought-leader (or something) in modern Jew..ish..ness. That’s why when we folded up, we got approached by historical societies to ensure we wouldn’t just throw out our content, because it was deemed, in their words, historically significant. (No joke! I had to go meet with a Jewish museum.)

    Anyway, people are searching for those things (or are re-posting them on the Interwebs) and, even if the topics may be niche, some of them have been around for years now, and they’ve got traction. While I was there, at certain points I would say Jewcy could be considered “especially topical”, but otherwise its greatest function was always, in my opinion, its more longform pieces which stood the test of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fantastic debate between Sam Harris and Dennis Prager from 2006 wasn’t still doing well.

    Anyway, that’s probably where the content is coming from. I don’t get why you’d assume people come to the homepage like that. It’s not a blog.

    • Many of our readers come to pages other than our home page.

      But since you’re here, Craig, can you enlighten us regarding this anonymous person’s assertions that there were strong negative sentiments expressed about Jewlicious over at Jewcy?

  • froylein, I’m not actually German.

    Craig, you always were a class act and your willingness to discuss these issues, especially here, is a testament to your internal fortitude.

    After a little digging around and talking to friends and acquaintances involved in online media this is what I discovered. Your home page, like that of Jewlicious, has a page rank of 7, the rest of your internal pages mostly have a page rank of 0 – though a few, very few, have page ranks as high as 4 – like that debate between Sam Harris and Dennis Prager from 2006. In that respect, despite your description of Jewcy, it does in fact function exactly like a blog. I say that not as a way to subtly denigrate the quality of Jewcy’s historical content, but rather to look at industry standards and compare them to Jewcy’s traffic claims.

    Based on my canvassing, the typical homepage of a well established online magazine ought to have between 30% to 50% of its traffic through the homepage. The homepage ought to represent the single most viewed page on the site, even if the rest of the site collectively generates more traffic.

    Comparing the directly measured Quantcast numbers to JDub/Jewcy’s claimed numbers, we would have to believe that close to 95% of Jewcy’s traffic does not ever visit the homepage. That is the only way homepage traffic of 7,300 visitors can be said to be representative of 120,000 site visitors. That’s way beyond industry standards and would imply that hardly anyone reads Jewcy’s current stuff. The only assessment that makes sense is that Jewcy does not really generate 120,000 unique visitors a month.

    But then again, maybe it really does! If Craig is willing to go out on a limb and state unequivocally that the 120,000 visitors number is accurate based on Google Analytics, then I will gladly back off.

    That isn’t even the most egregious aspect of this whole situation though. What is most horrific is Jewcy’s claim that these questionable numbers mean that Jewcy is getting more than twice the traffic of any other Web site written by young Jews for young Jews. In making such a claim to prospective donors, they diminish the work of others. And by others I mean sites like Jewlicious especially. Ever wonder why you people never get grants? Now you might have an idea.

    That last part goes directly to your question themiddle. Besides the snarky comments about how your site is for religious Jews or hard core Zionists or the less snarky “it’s traffic comes from a self selected group of people already interested in Jewish communal affairs and thus Jewlicious has no ability to reach out to unaffiliated young Jews” – however you slice it, dissing Jewlicious generates big bucks!

  • Religious Jews? Nah, we get a broad mix of readers. It appears we slant 60/40 female to male, though (I know, it’s my exceptional looks).

    Self-selected group? Possibly. No more than those who read Jewcy, Tablet, Forward or any sizable Jewish blog.

    Reach out to unaffiliated young Jews? This site, Jewlicious, does that better than Jewcy, Tablet, Forward or any sizable Jewish blog. When Jewlicious holds a party, as they have every year for 6 years running, hundreds attend for two days straight and among them are affiliated and unaffiliated young Jews of all denominational stripes, political stripes, sexual stripes, etc….and they all walk out of that festival changed by their newly found sense of community.

    Perhaps dissing Jewlicious has yielded Jewcy big bucks and perhaps it hasn’t. What is certain is that if somebody is giving Jewcy or Tablet or any similar project some big bucks while ignoring Jewlicious for the reasons you’ve mentioned, they should be congratulated for proving precisely why the Jewish community is facing the problems it faces.

    And congratulations are due to you as well, Jdub Ubber Alles, because you’ve sold me. I believe your critique of Jewcy’s numbers holds up and although I dismissed your claims about the relevance of other organizations’ criticisms of this blog, I buy the logic regarding the reasons for these attacks and your suggestion that the outcome has been to benefit the attackers at the expense of this site.

    On the plus side, while I am hardly active in the “real world” aspect of Jewlicious, David and Rabbi Yonah, who are, have plenty of gumption and creativity. They’ve been able to do more for years with a fraction of the resources possessed by these other sites. That’s a testament not only to their strong desire to have an impact, but to something far more important: their tendency to succeed. Nobody should underestimate the people here.

  • Sigh. I can tell you that historically 33.94% of our visitors visit the home page. 47.65% of our traffic comes from search engines, and 28.68% comes from referring sites. Historically, 1.43% of our traffic has come from “other” sites like facebook or twitter, though this year that figure so far is 10.04% due to increased traffic from twitter. So if our homepage got 7,300 monthly visitors, then our site traffic would be a little over 3 times that amount, like 22,000 visitors a month. The vast majority of links to us on twitter and facebook and on other sites point to internal pages – only 13.29% of our traffic is direct traffic.

    As far as Jewcy’s traffic being more than twice that of any other site by young Jews for young Jews, I should have caught that. It does not at all correspond to our traffic figures. Not even close. I just copied and pasted that. I too have no idea where their figures came from.

    But I don’t want to get into a pissing match. Anyone net savvy knows to take traffic figures with a grain of salt. We’ve worked with folks at JDub in the past and I have left frequent comments on Jewcy. I support Jewish online content ventures and we have always been happy to help out other ventures, however you want to define them – Web zines, blogs, whatever. That’s what motivated this post. I wish that positivity would have carried through into the comments.

    • I’d figured you’re not actually German, no worries. My reply was in Moselle-Franconian anyway. I’m not far from the location though your IP address tells me you’re at. Feel free to get in touch if you need any help with anything.

      See, it’s not as if I couldn’t shred the content on Jewcy to bits and pieces. I’ve torn more new orifices than an average professional proctologist during their career. I can appreciate though if young folks make an effort, that’s why I don’t really care how Jewcy makes money. Not that I would approve of their means, but I think a foundation would / should do fact-checking before donating.

  • “As far as Jewcy’s traffic being more than twice that of any other site by young Jews for young Jews, I should have caught that. It does not at all correspond to our traffic figures. Not even close.”

    That’s big of you to admit that. But that’s exactly why for your own sake you should put a disclaimer at the bottom of the post or even better, as an insert in that top paragraph. There is no reason in hell for you to pretend they have massive amounts of more traffic than you.

    Maybe you didn’t realize how dirty they were playing, but now you know. There is no glory or respectability in repeating someone else’s lies about you to diminish you and pump themsevles up at your expense.

    You can stop getting shtupped any time you decide to.

  • I vote for what Get a Job says. Either that, or it’s fair to ask Jewcy or JDub directly for the Jewcy site’s real numbers and modify the post accordingly.

  • “But I don’t want to get into a pissing match”

    ck you total idiot. Craig you big fucking pussy. How much are they paying you to be a technical advisor? You never came back and responded to the accusations made here. I’m not surprised. Is it safe to say the following:

    1. Jewcy is not a reader supported “magazine.”

    2. Jewcy’s traffic claims are a lie and meant to diminish the accomplishments and impact of competing sites.

    That’s a question addressed to Craig or anyone from Jewcy/JDub with the balls to respond. I think we know the answer.

  • Hahaha. Jesus. You turn from complimentary to a real bastard fast. Well, what better way to get me actually responding than to be insulting? I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I hope this hasn’t damaged your opinion of my internal fortitude too greatly. (Though, be it known that, like all the men in my family, my “internal fortitude” is rarely considered impressive. Certainly not if I’ve been eating Chinese food.)

    I’ll try to respond in order.

    I can’t really speak to “strong negative sentiments” about Jewlicious over at Jewcy. I had never heard of Jewlicious when I started at Jewcy (and had pretty much zero familiarity with Jewish media in general), but I think I first became aware of them when Jewschool picked up a login to our beta site and savaged it. At least, I think it was Jewschool. Either way, someone back then caused me to equate Jewschool and Jewlicious in my mind, and, due to my relative lack of familiarity with either (despite working in Jewish media, I rarely ever was involved from an editorial standpoint), they have remained eternally fused. Although CK has been very kind to me and most Jewcy people, to my knowledge, in the past, and I thank him for that. Mostly I remember thinking that the lot of the people commenting were a mean group of “shtinkers.” Angry, nitpicky people. This is just what I had as a personal impression and I can’t back it up (although — ha! ha! — you guys sure do still seem like a group of shtinkers). I can’t say I saw anything more formalized than that. I don’t know what the actual implication would be, but if it was clearer, I’d be able to better respond. (Sorry!)

    Regarding the canvassing JDUA did.. I don’t know. Sounds right to me. Your facts all seem to be in place, except your result is wrong. I don’t think it’s so cut and dried as you do. There’s thousands and thousands of pages on Jewcy, and maybe hundreds that are “very popular”. I think the homepage’s 7 pagerank probably has a significant positive impact on other pages in the same domain without actually affecting their pagerank. But I’m not sure. I will happily go out on a limb and state, unequivocally, that Jewcy does, every time I look, have over 120,000 unique visits in any given 30-day period. I don’t know how that will help you believe me, but yes, I’d happily put my name on the line. If I had any sort of control, I’d take some screenshots of the Analytics, but I’m really not involved closely with the outfit and I don’t know if, for some reason, Aaron and the JDub fellows have any reason why that wouldn’t be good. I don’t know why they wouldn’t, but, as I said, I’m not involved and maybe there’s a good reason. You guys should email them and see. Or ask permission on my behalf if you want.

    I’ve actually didn’t read their actual statements (is it at the top of the page? I am trying to rush through this, so I’ll take what you said at face value – that they assert more than twice the traffic as other Jewish blogs). I don’t know what Jewlicious’s numbers are, but if they are half of 120,000 uniques, it seems right. I don’t know if that’s the best benchmark.. And if it is offending people, it probably isn’t the best advertising point for sure. I’ll bring it up next time I meet with them, I guess.

    I don’t know why people think Jewcy gets big bucks. We had enough to pay a modest salary to our staff back when I worked there, but it was all basically from one round of venture capital. Now I’m pretty sure they’re really in need of cash. And if people aren’t donating, then I guess your assertion that Jewcy “isn’t reader supported” will have been true, and I don’t know what that will mean for the organization’s future.

    I wholly endorse you guys asking Jewcy for their real numbers. All they have is what Google gives them and, as I said, I assert it’s true. If it turns out to be INaccurate, I’d guess that, I don’t know, I installed Google Analytics incorrectly years ago, or something, and hits are counted twice and it was all my fault. But.. it’s not rocket science. I don’t know how I would’ve done it.. And I am pretty sure I did it right.

    I don’t get any money for technically advising Jewcy. 🙁 They once wanted me to come along to this conference and they said they’d pay for my hotel room and give me $200 for meals, but I ended up not being able to go.

    So anyway, yep, you should ask the Jewcy stuff if there’s any reason why I can’t give you guys screenshots of direct numbers or something. If they say yes, I’d do it. Can i just have a grace period in response time??

  • Craig, take it easy. You’re using your real name here while JDub Uber Alles and his friend are anonymous (as am I). That gives you every right to tell the anonymous guys to take a hike since they have nothing on the line here. You’re obviously a good guy, so if for some reason you feel bullied in this conversation, please don’t.

  • Sorry Craig! You caught me on a bad day there. My issue isn’t with you but rather with the powers that be at Jewcy/JDub.

    I know you’re a straight shooter Craig so I will take your word at face value, despite the fact that I remain highly skeptical. That still doesn’t address the second part of the equation whereby Jewcy claims to have more than twice as much traffic as any other Web site written for and by young Jews. Where did those numbers come from? Did they ask competing Web sites for their traffic figures? Hey Jewlicious, did they ask you about your stats?

    That claim is definitely spurious, to say the least. Spurious and mean spirited, dissing the work of other people in order to impress some philanthropists. But I don’t know, maybe you have some kind of explanation for that too Craig?

    Eagerly (but patiently) awaiting your response Craig-o!

  • Well, in this case, Froylein, what’s in a name is a person’s real life reputation. JDub Uber Alles, you and I face no repercussions in this discussion because we are nameless. Craig is named and known.

  • Middle, we can be held as responsible for our claims as anybody. Depending on the location of our servers, CK might even be requested by law enforcement to disclose our identities. A few people know me as well. Who knows if Kelsey had invited me to his b’day two years ago had he known how I felt about Jewcy.

  • Nah, somebody would actually have to go to a trial to find out and who cares enough? Besides, I believe the servers are in a land far, far away. Shhhh.

  • While awaiting Craig’s response, a few thoughts came to mind. Craig asked “I don’t know why people think Jewcy gets big bucks.” It might have to do with the ostentatiousness displayed during Tahl’s reign, the big offices, the regular office parties with free booze (and that free live sex show across the street, remember that Craig?), the foosball and ping pong tables… that sort of thing. And for what? An online publication that tried to do what Jewlicious and Heeb were already doing. There were some great posts written and some wonderfully talented people involved but ultimately, not such a big deal, which is why (in part) the money was unceremoniously pulled.

    Now in comes JDub, the shining white knight to the rescue. They pick up a relatively valuable Web property and brand name for literally nothing and add it to their online mix. Tamar Fox leaves for a better paying gig (one with, you know, health care) and the JDub takeover is complete as a former Heeb staffer and significant other of a JDub employee takes over. Jewcy’s staffers may not be used to big bucks but JDub sure is. Their current budget is $1.2 million with $800,000 of that coming from philanthropic and communal donations. In 2008 according to currently available IRS records, the #1 and #2 staff at JDub received salaries of $101,000 and $90,000 a year, not including benefits like health care. Look it up.

    It’s not a stretch to presume that JDub’s takeover of Jewcy was meant to help JDub solicit even more communal cash while serving as a supposedly objective platform to promote their friends and acts (The Big Jewcy!). That’s why they need to diminish the work of others. Like this publication for instance. There are big bucks at stake. Big bucks! The entire point of my presence here is that the best use of these communal funds may not be in the hands of JDub’s management.

  • This is still going on? Oy. Fine, here’s my response…

    Jewlicious has in six years produced 5,572 posts, 72,361 approved comments and thus contains more pages than I can count. Jewlicious enjoys 12,454 backlinks to Jewcy’s 6,782, but I figure our content is relatively similar. As I’ve noted, only 1/3 of our visitors visit the home page whereas with Jewcy assuming Craig is right (and I have no reason to believe he isn’t) the figure is more like 1/17 th. That seems rather low but like I said, I have no reason to believe Craig is being untruthful.

    As far as the “twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site written by or for young Jews” claim, I can assure you that that is not accurate and that no one at Jewcy contacted me to ask about our traffic numbers. Like I said before, I have no idea where those figures came from.

    That having been said, I don’t see how this really affects us one way or another. We’ve run ads for JDub in the past, we’ve had JDub artists perform at Jewlicious and so far relations have been totally cordial. Jdub does what it does and if Jewish Philanthropists want to give them money then good for them. At Jewlicious we have very little experience with Jewish Philanthropists. Whatever little community money we’ve received comes by way of banner ads for Jewlicious and some token (but greatly appreciated) sponsorship of the Jewlicious Festivals and events. Jewlicious.com has never received one penny of grant money – quite the contrary, we’ve launched or assisted in campaigns to give money to various Jewy causes.

    We’ve certainly applied here and there and so far haven’t succeeded in getting any grant money. We clearly suck at writing proposals! But as long as people keep visiting Jewlicious, we’ll keep cranking out the content. We’ll do that while wishing Jewcy and Heeb and any other online/offline Jewish magazine the best of luck. Unless they piss us off of course… then it’s fatwah time!

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience and kind compliments. And no harm done, JDUA! I’d say it’s a fair question as to where they got those numbers for other websites. I can’t argue that it’s true. Unfortunately I have no statistics about that. I’d be disappointed if it’s false although I would sincerely doubt that it was made without precedent (and believe quite strongly that it wasn’t simply made without basis).

    If it is, indeed, false, I’d speculate that what happened was someone in management from “our time” at Jewcy obtained figures from somewhere — whether accurate, skewed, or otherwise — about traffic statistics for other Jewish media websites and it just kind of stuck as folk knowledge. I do remember personally and proudly parroting that we had “more traffic than any other Jewish media website, with the exception of the Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz” back in the day, but I don’t remember who told me that specifically.

    It is a really easy thing to have a blind spot about, especially with an organization so small (at least, I believe it to be small, currently) where that sort of copy all comes from more-or-less one person. I’d like to think that if he or she really thought about what they were saying and that it was possible inaccurate, they’d be more careful about making such a claim. Not that I go around making claims about traffic (for Jewcy or other sites I’ve worked on) It wasn’t evident how clearly harmful making that statement would be, but I see it now. I do hope that it is accurate.. And I appreciate people keeping them accountable (if it’s possible) if the claim is not. (And if what you all are saying is true, it may very well not be, at least not the way it’s worded.)

    I give credit to the mindset that Jewcy appeared well-funded for a number of reasons while I was there. I would say that for the size of our office and the other stuff, it was remarkably difficult to eke a few extra bucks for things that I thought were pretty standard. But, in my youth, that may have just been me not pushing hard enough. Like, for instance, the wiring in the office was a disaster. And I spent a lot of time dicking around with jury-rigging wires to save us a couple bucks on a telephony guy. I have a lot of admiration for Jewcy’s funders, who were always remarkably good to me as a person, but hindsight is 20/20 and in retrospect I disagree with the way money was allotted (or not allotted).

    Funny note, a lot of the stuff in the office was actually Tahl’s property (aside from the desks, basically all the furniture, the TV, speakers, and whatnot). The Wii was mine. Trinkets and art were often gifted to us. And the famed foosball and ping pong tables were given to us when Law & Order: Criminal Intent filmed a scene in our office. It is remarkable how television worked. Those people came in, surveyed our office for a few minutes, then gave us a bunch of money to film a 2-minute scene there. It took all night, with set-up going from about 6pm to 11:30pm, when they filmed until 12:30am or so, then came back at 6:00am I think to clean up. They hired me to oversee the process, I guess, because an employee of the venue needed to be present at all time. I got $800 for sleeping at Jewcy that night (one of the most surreal experiences of my life) and meeting Vincent D’Onofrio. (Though Weiss and his girlfriend were there for that.) Anyway, they had brought in the ping pong and foosball tables and, as per the deal, we got to keep them. They had misassembled the foosball though, and I stayed late one night to repair it a month later.

    Anyway, the only thing that I take minor umbrage with is the assertion that the salaries may be too high at JDub. It may be, but $100k and $90k for Aaron and Jacob’s work seems low for the amount of energy they put into it. I know it’s because JDub’s a not-for-profit, but for all the people I know that work in business (not even finance) and complain about how much work they do (in spite of their astronomical salaries), those two seem to work tirelessly at all hours and I think, in terms of salaries for New York City non-profit executives, those are far on the low end. Especially if they’re doing important work.. It’s tough to get people as competent as I feel they are.

    I have been out of the scene for a while, of course, and based on a number of factors, it sounds like you could well argue that they are NOT doing “important work”, but that’s been my take based on our limited involvement!

  • Craig, ck clearly stated that “As far as the “twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site written by or for young Jews” claim, I can assure you that that is not accurate and that no one at Jewcy contacted me to ask about our traffic numbers. Like I said before, I have no idea where those figures came from.” While you hemmed and hawed, he was clear and direct. Based on your figure of 120,000 visitors a month (that’s when Jewcy had an actual staff of writers) ck says that correlating that to more than twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site by and for young Jews is, well, not accurate. I for one would love to see where these figures originated from, and if they can’t be authenticated, JDub/Jewcy should stop using them.

    Why aren’t you pissed ck? I know I’d be! I have my relatively minor issues but JDub seems to be out to kill you. Example? Rabbi Yonah who directs the Jewlicious Festival was a Jewish Community Heroes finalist and a member of the Forward 50, and yet he wasn’t invited to the White House. Why do you think that is?

    ck wrote: “We’ve certainly applied here and there and so far haven’t succeeded in getting any grant money. We clearly suck at writing proposals! But as long as people keep visiting Jewlicious, we’ll keep cranking out the content. We’ll do that while wishing Jewcy and Heeb and any other online/offline Jewish magazine the best of luck.” What are you? Fucking Pollyana? You know there’s such a thing as being too nice, right?

    • That was not the only slight regarding Yonah and the Heroes contest.

      Come to think of it, maybe JDub Ubber Alles has succeeded in depressing me. Maybe it’s time to join Jewcy.

  • Wait, Ubber Alles — are you telling me JDub MADE THE GUEST LIST for a private event at The White House? That doesn’t sound ridiculous at all! That makes total sense!

    SCANDAL! We better reveal the other stuff they are responsible for now too: global warming, Sarah Palin, Devendra Banhart canceling his Israel shows, bad hummus, the guy from Say Anything converting to Christianity…

  • Wait get a job. Is that what I said? No. No it isn’t. All I meant to imply is that when you outright lie about your competitors, certain things follow. We can forgive Craig for not having the facts at his fingertips right now due to his lack of day to day involvement, but the people at JDub/Jewcy do have the facts at their disposal. They can look at their Google Analytics and see the traffic patterns and raw numbers. “twice as much traffic as any other Jewish site written by or for young Jews” may have been the mantra repeated at Jewcy in the past but continuing to repeat that without any facts to back it up to a bunch of old, non-tech savvy philanthropists who just take it at face value, well, these things create repercussions.

    One of these repercussions is that deserving individuals like Rabbi Yonah for instance, don’t get invited to the White House and aren’t sufficiently appreciated for the hard work they do. Other repercussions are that some applications for philanthropic support get accepted while others do not. Do you want me to provide you with specific details “get a job?” Because I can and I will. I haven’t even started dishing out the things I know. Go on GAJ. I dare you to dare me.

  • Congrats to JDub on securing $50,000 for Jdub Portland which will “forge vibrant connections to young Jews through music, media and cultural events in the Portland area.” Surely Portland is about to undergo a JDUB/Jewcy inspired Jewish renaissance similar to the one Los Angeles has experienced ever since their foundations and Federations sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into their partnership.

    In case you missed it I was being sarcastic. All LA has to show for the money they gave JDUB/Jewcy was a few sparsely attended shows and parties. Oh and some blog posts that no one saw fit to comment on and some LA people making it into The Big Jewcy. Portland shouldn’t expect much more than that as a return on their investment.

    • And why no new Jewlicious post on Jewcy’s latest fundraising effort? How are the Jewcers going to make their $18,000 goal without your help? Don’t you value independent reader funded and curated media???