Are we ever going to get over our obsession with Nazis? What about Zombies? Vampires? OK so at first blush you might want to pass on this video because it seems patently ludicrous. But ask yourself this, are Nazi Zombies worse than just plain Zombies? And if Nazi Zombies started attacking Jewish Zombies, what would you do? What. Would. You. Do?? These and other deep philosophical questions are discussed in VNWAAZ. Discussed, but never answered, because it seems we will never get enough of the Nazis. And the Zombies! Sigh.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • CK –
    I stumbled on this in doing research on Nazis in the news. I have been quiet for a while, but perhaps you should explain your shared support with David Kelsey for Patrick Buchanan?

    This is the same Patrick Buchanan who felt that the US didn’t need to fight in WWII against Nazi Germany, who has viewed Hitler as “misunderstood,” who has defended Demjanjuk, and who repeatedly contributes for “white nationalist” articles.

  • I support Pat Buchanan? Since when? I support a little kid in Africa, some old folks in the shuk and certain relations of a certain someone who can’t be named etc. etc. but Pat Buchanan? He’s not even on my Christmas list…

  • David Abitbol, aka CK, supporter of “Jews for a communal apology to Pat Buchanan”

    It is also very troubling about the total silence on some of David Kelsey’s postings about “race realists,” etc., not to mention promotion of some of his writings on other blogs.

    • I can’t explain why my name is/was on that, but it’s not there any more. That having been said, Kelsey and I disagree on a lot of things but one thing we agree on is that working in a cafe in Jerusalem when it’s sunny is awesome.

  • CK – you deleted yourself pretty quickly from David Kelsey’s FB page for Patrick Buchanan after seeing this posting. No I didn’t make it up, did I? At least I got your attention.

    My point is more than about Buchanan. It is about the silence of those giving support to “race realists” (cute name for “racist,” huh?) on blogs that many of your readers know, but no one will say anything about it, for fear of offending someone. Some of those blogs are funded by charities that you know. It is a disgrace. I haven’t written about it yet.

    I keep trying to reach out to people on this to start to get serious about challenging racist views. I am looking for those willing to defy racist views. You know how to reach me on this. You have my email address here.

    • CAN, stop being an insinuating creep and get your story straight. I, for one, have contradicted Kelsey on several of his views, but I did that because of the way I feel about certain matters. Nobody owes anybody anything on “those blogs”. That said, it takes a lot to offend Kelsey. Feel free to disagree with him on or off his blog, but please get your facts right. Oh, and stop being a creep.

  • There is a real problem of NYC blogs and activists associating with “race realists” and “white nationalists.” This is hardly limited to just one or two individuals, which are the tip of the iceberg.

    You may not have read David Kelsey’s writings on racial issues, but many others have. Look up who Steve Sailer is that Kelsey views as a “race realist talent.” Not just on his own blog, but also on one funded by MULTIPLE charities that absolutely cannot afford that type of publicity.

    I have been using a private approach for months that has not been working. If we can’t get others to take a stand, we will be forced to go public. It may be just an accident that I am contacting you here, but you would be really smart to pay attention to what I am writing.

    • This is an issue between you and Kelsey and has nothing to do with Vampire Zombie Nazis.

  • CK – wrong answer. Defying racist views is an “issue” for all of us. Even those whose Facebook accounts mysteriously sign up for pro-Buchanan web sites.

    • I’ll tell you what Concerned, I know David Kelsey personally. Like many of my friends, we have issues we agree on and issues we disagree on. That having been said, both you and he live in the US and last time I checked, freedom of speech is still a right that all Americans benefit from. I’ve played along with your little attempted smear campaign, but that’s my final word on the issue. None of what you’ve written thus far is remotely germane to this post and any further attempts to bring it up will just result in your comment being deleted. You seem a little obsessed with Kelsey. Maybe a little too obsessed. Is everything ok on the home front? Might I suggest a little psychic hypnotherapy to help you, you know, relax?

  • I’ll tell you what, Concerned. The other day I wrote a sentence about the Palestinians disrespecting Jewish holy sites and the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, and Kung Fu Jew 18 called me a racist. I’m a little sensitive right now to accusations of racism. Before you launch accusations, I’d like you to clarify what you mean.

  • themiddle – Some people think that challenging racism is someone else’s problem. I am being vague to protect others. Be glad. Google “David Kelsey Race Realist.” Then Google “Steve Sailer” who is a notorious racist, praised by DK as a “race realist talent,” with links to Sailer’s web site. I know CK will delete this comment, but maybe you can get the idea.

    Here’s some different names to remember: (a) Eric Weinberger, burned over 2/3s of his body with acid, attacked by dogs, tortured with a cattle prod, and jailed – for challenging racism; (b) Andy Goodman murdered by KKK – for challenging racism; (c) Micky Schwerner murdered by KKK – for challenging racism.

    In 2010, now we not only can’t challenge racism, we can’t even discuss it. It is on websites funded by CHARITIES that you know. Yes the world has REALLY changed – and not in a good way.

    By the way, CK thanks for having DK delete the FB on Buchanan.

    • I didn’t get Kelsey to do anything. And I’m not deleting your comment. But this is your last chance. Make a pertinent on-topic point or all your future comments will be deleted automatically, regardless of their content.

    • Discouraged, not all efforts to control immigration are racist. Not all of the reasons for attempting to control immigration are racist. Not all cultures are the same and when you bring other cultures into yours, there are many good reasons to make your absorption of these other cultures a slow, pragmatic one. Also, it should be legal and controlled. On the other hand, there is no room for a priori hatred of a person from a different group or culture and actions or words that assert their differences do need to be proposed carefully and with every intention not to besmirch those individuals or groups.

      I have no idea about Sailer, because the research I did do after your suggestion, did not lead me to come to any certain conclusion about him. It may be that I missed the smoking gun you want me to find, but if his sin is being critical of certain immigrant groups, I would prefer to evaluate what he says by approaching it with some complexity. The accusation of racism is a serious one and it’s not enough to say “Look at Sailer” or to depend on the accusations of others as sufficient. You have to show explicit evidence (and provide the context).

      As for Kelsey, I consider him a friend and while I disagree with him about many things, I do not believe that what he believes stems from racism or a racist point of view.

      I won’t go any further than that because ck is clearly angry about your comments here and I respect his concerns.

  • The western world is really the only thing protecting Jews from going back into the oven. White man really enables Jews to even live so perhaps stop trying to shit on everything you can find that is Germanic (White) we all can’t be the best sorry Talmud doesn’t stand up to the biology section of the science book. It’s only natural Americans didn’t want to go to war with their own demographic it was probably some Zionist propaganda campaign to brain wash them into hating each other just like Rothschild in England. Talmud claims all non-jewish are to be slaves. This is very pseudo because religion does not constitute intelligence level. Genetics, education, diet, environment play many factors to ones intelligence. No different from the Nazi’s themselves they just understood real progressivism. Jewish progressivism is let’s see how fast we can arm people with 60 IQ to start a nuclear holocaust.