Haven’t had enough of the pain and self-examination that is Israeli cinema?  Was Waltz with Bashir a little too comedic and light-hearted for you?  Here’s a movie of four hot Israeli guys in a tank! It’s called Lebanon.  For the maximum viewing experience, I recommend you watch with a photocopied, bound book of all the resolutions the U.N. has ever passed against Israel and flagellating yourself with it every time the tank shoots an innocent civilian.

Bring back Kazablan.  Please.

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  • lebanon has become israel’s nam

    we still havent gotten over nam here in the states, although we are now long past demonizing the troops

    in another 20 years, the israelis may get over lebanon

    the movies are a sort of therapy

  • Inspired by this post, I saw “Lebanon.” The comparisons to Das Boot are of course easy to make BUT I didn’t find this movie THAT depressing. Unlike Das Boot I had a bit more sympathy for the characters here. And in all cases, war is shit. You don’t think a realistic depiction of say… the Korean War wouldn’t be depressing? And World War II was a pretty righteous war but Breaker Morant was a sad as all hell movie.So uhm… yeah. There we are.

  • I’m guessing, then, that this is a no-go on my Netflix queue. But I’m not even talking about war movies. I’m talking about all Israeli movies. When is the last time an Israeli movie has not been a drama?