Happy Retirement, Helen

Dearest Helen: Mazel Tov on your retirement from the White House Press Corps. Will they be auctioning off your front row seat for charity? I will bid on it. Can I make my pledge out for the NIF or Abraham Fund?

Best wishes on your future endeavors, I hope you’ve been building your retirement funds as you’ll soon be needing them! I will miss all the times we spent at Amsteradm Falafel in Adams-Morgan after late night press conferences. But please come to visit me in Poland or Germany. I am not sure where yet, but I will l let you know my address ASAP.

Love and Huggs, Larry

If like Helen you are planning on going in to retirement soon, make sure to take these steps to ensure peace in retirement, and I also wish you the best of luck with your futures.

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  • Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. I just love all the bleeting going on for Helen. Where was this from the Hard Left when Don Imus was canned? Or when Michael Richards started to call everyone n****rs? I remember a lot on the Left questioning why Pat Buchanan still has a job (well, for that matter, so do I). I guess the only thing Helen can do to make a big break from the Hard Left’s good graces is to call someone a “nappy-headed ho”.

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