Why is this Jewlicious?

(1) Who cares, eh?

(2) At least two of the founding writers (Muffti and CK) are Canadian! So go drink a Molson, kiss a pretty lady/gent (or three, as per your tastes), play a bit of hockey, use some maple syrup, complain in mild ways about Americans, use the expression ‘eh’ at the end of sentences prolifically and expressively, add a ‘u’ into colour (etc.), watch Strange Brew and the Kids in the Hall, be overly courteous and celebrate the wonderful non-threatening glory and beauty that is Canada.

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  • Please, please, drink something other than Molson. We have lots of good craft brewers, even if they don’t have the bucks to throw at “I am Canadian” campaigns. Please, please, please.

  • Yeah, it’s true…canada has much better beer than Molson. MUffti just figured ‘Molson’ would be recognized by more people than Creemore Springs or Sleemans.

  • Oy. Did you guys do anything yet about that fascist law they used against Ezra Levant?

    Other than that, I like the way the Canadians are polite and more open, although I’m not sure that their syrup is better than Vermont’s.

    Oh yeah, that and the whole fascist speech code against controversial publishers who offend Muslims thing. Other than for that, you guys are ok.

    And if you got Mark Steyn to do your right-of-center posts (instead of inviting that goofy little Alex guy to do them) then your site would rock.

  • At least two of the founding writers (Muffti and CK) are Canadian!
    – – – – – – – – –
    But you’re circumcises, and seal blubber isn’t kosher.

    And you both probably suck at hockey.

    Some Canadians!