There is that old question that has plagued humans for eternity, if your throw a blue stone into the Red Sea, how will it come out?


And what if the stone is Oliver Stone?

Last Sunday in The Times of London, the film director and Wall Street scion had some pretty nasty things to say about Jews and the Israel lobby in America. He said that Hitler did more damage to Russia than he did to the Jews, that Israel “f**ked up” American foreign policy, and some other choice items. Earlier this year, he mentioned that Hitler was an easy scapegoat for industrialists. What was perhaps worse were the comments added to internet blogs that agreed with him, and went much further. Stone was quick to apologize after the article appeared. He said his comments were “clumsy.” But the backlash has not ended.

Word on the street is that Ari Emanuel and Haim Saban, two Hollywood leaders with roots in Israel and the Jewish community, have individually reached out to CBS and asked if it is appropriate for CBS’s Showtime media property to broadcast Stone’s upcoming 10-part series, “A Secret History of America.” Saban reportedly hopes that Stone and Mel Gibson should both be retired from Hollywood.

Where are my linen garments so that I can banish them?

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  • i was curious so i checked wiki:

    “His father was Jewish and his mother a Roman Catholic of French birth, and Stone was raised an Episcopalian as a compromise[3][4] (but has since converted to Buddhism).”

  • He’s always been a conspiracy theorist and not a very clever one at that. Having Oliver Stone and people like Naomi Klein, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro attack Israel only strengthens my confidence in the just cause of supporting Israel.

  • So what happened to freedom of expression?He can say what ever he likes.And if people believe him it’s their choice.Is he that important???Wat hebben jullie toch lange tenen zeg,ongelovelijk.

  • He can say whatever he likes. We can oppose it. It’s a free and open exchange. It was his choice to say something idiotic and it was his choice to apologize for it.

  • Jewish machers in show business getting his contract canceled by Showtime and ruining his career is a great way to show that Jews don’t run Hollywood and that Stone is wrong. That will show everyone.

    • Indeed, Jewish machers in show business should just sit back and let him malign Jews publicly and allow, without any protest whatsoever, for large broadcasters to release films with his fascinating conspiracy theories. Yes indeed. In fact, they should just continue to work alongside him and support the networks, broadcasters and film studios that work with him as if he said nothing. Then, and only then, will his statement about the influence of the “Lobby” be proven wrong!

      Kelsey, the classic challenge of responding to antisemitism is that the antisemite wins regardless of how the Jew responds. If the Jew doesn’t respond or dispute the claims, then he may well be perceived to be tacitly acknowledging the accusations. If the Jew does respond, particularly in calling out the hate in the antisemite’s claims, or that if you do respond aggressively, he can then point to his conspiracy theories and claim he was right.

      Why should Stone’s ideas be permitted to float out there unchallenged? His films represent his views and ideas.

  • He has now personally apologized to Abe Foxman, the self-appointed Godol Hador of repentance.

    Stone is, frankly, consistently on the fringe, approaching conspiracy theories, but he sometimes makes decent movies anyway.

    My issues include that all of the usual suspects shit-storming are not people I want acting as leaders of the American Jewish community. Not the two high-powered dual citizenship men referenced above, and least of all the caricature of OFFENDED! that is Foxman, who aggressively and boisterously supports: amnesty and family unification for illegals; preferred protected classes in Hate Crimes; limits on free speech; smearing allies such as Brenda Walker with charges of Islamophobia because she challenged the ADL; smearing Stephen Steinlight for crying out loud; leading the charge against the American people’s support for SB1070. This man has done more to harm American Jewish/majority relations than pretty much anybody. If you are concerned about anti-semitism, work to remove Foxman from power. He’s a communal disaster. Even people who mostly agree with him are at this point concerned.

    Watch this movie if you haven’t:

  • nobody was trying to ruin his career

    i find it interesting that no one is attacking defenders of women’s rights or african american rights for coming out against mel gibson…for his personal, not to be aired tirades….yet all was forgiven for his drunken public tirade against jews

    stone is a conspiracy theorist…underneath every conspiracy theorist is a damn jew hater waiting to come out.

    stone’s career shouldve been over after jfk…a piece of drek movie if there ever was one.

    jews have a right to defend themselves….so do jews in hollywood