Jewish Themed Silly Band Bracelets

Last weekend, a New York City area talk-radio show that targets listeners in the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities had a segment on what seems to be an increase of Ponzi scams, faked appraisals, and other theft schemes among Orthodox Jews.

It was broadcast just days after it came to light that a member of the Lakewood, New Jersey Orthodox Jewish community was charged with allegedly scamming his neighbors out of over $300 million. Two of the guests on the show were Rabbi Benjamin Blech and Associate Dean Linda Friedman of the Zicklin School of Business at CUNY-Baruch College. While the guests covered the issues with clarity and detail, I was personally saddened by many of the callers who called the live show to justify many of the criminal activities by saying how expensive it is to be Jewish and observant in the NYC area. The guests were outraged by many of the comments and reiterated that the ends don’t justify the means.

It is costly to be Jewish. And here is a case in point that hits me in my wallet. Many of you are aware that one of the hottest fads among kids is to wear and play with SillyBandz and their knock-offs, those plastic bracelets that form various animal, plant, auto, and other shapes. In most stores, these sell for $2 for 10-20 shapes, or about 10-20 cents per shape.

More Jewish themed bracelets

But what about the bandz that target the Jewish community? The “Jewish” themed bracelets sell for about $5 for 5 – 10 shapes, or 50 cents to $1 per shape. Such injustice! Once again, an example of how it costs a lot to be Jewish. Whether it is kosher food, school tuition, synagogue and institutional memberships, and silly band bracelets, it is expensive to be Jewish. 🙂

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  • And then we wonder about anti-Semitism & general hatred toward the Orthodox community. I guess they decided to take “לא תגנוב” too literally. If so, then what’s the problem with their overall morals?

  • Thanks for reading and commenting on the posting.

    As we used to say in Belarus, гром не грянет, мужик не перекрестится посл. — ≈ they won’t lock the barn door till after the horse is stolen ..

    so i guess they won’t decrease the price of the Jewish Silly Bandz bracelets til after the messiah comes.. or something like that j/k

  • While how much you wanna bet the callers that approved of the criminal activities,were not victims of said crime.