Columbia Business School professor, Sheena Iyengar, is a specialist in the art of choosing. She recently spoke at the TED conference LINK HERE on choice, task performance, and one’s mother’s advice.

In a test of groups of children, “anglo” children in San Francisco performed two times better when they were able to choose their own pen or colored marker. When told that their mother had chosen their marker, they did much POORER on the task.

In contrast, children of Chinese or Japanese parents, when told that their mother had chosen their marker, performed much better on the tasks than when they were allowed to choose for themselves.

Hmm… and what about Jewish and Israeli children. Do they want to please their mothers? Or do they find it to be an imposition? The answer is… oh wait.. telepone call.. it’s your mother. I will conclude this post later.

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  • Meanwhile Haim Pearlman was released for lack of evidence.

    Who is Haim Pearlman?
    The innocent man that Israel’s Shin Bet and police put in the eye of its latest PR storm over “the settlers.”

    It’s an old pattern – blaring headlines (and self-righteous Jewlicious posts from Middle) when the “murderous settler” is arrested – and then quietly, after the PR damage is done, he is released for lack of evidence.

    so, Middle – where are you now?

    Right now this is the leading story in the Israeli papers and news sites – indicating that The Rest of Us are catching on to this abuse of the justice system.


    In Hebrew – how the Left switched Pearlman’s judge at the last minute to try and have its way with an innocent man: