As Shabbat approaches, we’re heading into the final hours of FOL! The Friends of Lisa Latte Campaign. There are only another 61 hours to go! Your efforts have been nothing less than remarkable.

The highlights: Together, we’ve raised $516 at IndieGoGo HQ and landed a coveted featured spot on the home page — the Red Carpet of Crowdfunding! In addition, a handful of dear friends, family and supporters have contacted me directly offline and donated another $249. That means, our grand total actually is…

[insert drum roll here]


[Enter flashing lights, bells and whistles!]

By George, I think we’ve (nearly) got it. We’re only $235 short of our $1,000 goal!

Now imagine a slot machine singing its jackpot song, coin by glorious coin, and a total of more than $1,000 pouring forth! This can be possible with an online casino. You might not get the money sliding out of your phone… but it’s just as fun to play a casino mobile as what it is to play in real-life.

I personally want to thank all of you for your support to help us reach this wonderful turning point and express my gratitude for every sacrificed latte, good wish and good will. I’m deeply touched by everyone’s generosity and willingness to help make this happen.

Say hello, paprikash. Cool Jew Budapest is on! If you happen to be in these parts in late October, more info is available on Limmud Hungary here.

In the meantime, please let us know of anyone or anything that might help us bridge the final gap toward our goal. We’ll be offline for Shabbat but other than that, please get in touch if a little light bulb starts humming over your head… We’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom — a rest of joyful light and peace.

With sincere thanks and much love,
Lisa and the FOLs

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