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  • Queerty said it best when it wrote that…

    The editors of the NJ Jewish Standard decided to never run a same sex wedding announcement, since it caused pain to some of its Jewish readers who hate gays and homosexuality.. but this is the same paper that

    runs ads from non kosher restaurants in the Teaneck NJ area (some showing pictures of shellfish and pork)… but i guess this does not insult its readers…

    Runs ads for and profiles activities that coincide with the Shabbat and Jewish holidays… but i guess this does not insult its readers;

    Promotes retailers who sell clothing that mixes wool and linen, … but i guess this does not insult its readers.

    Runs celebraion profiles for the bnai mitzvot of children who some might say are halachicly are not Jewish by the standards of some readers…. but I guess this does not insult its readers…

    Nope… it is simply a bullshit excuse that the cowardly NJ Jewish Standard gave, they were bullied, and will now set a good example for readers.. (NOT).

    On the other hand… the SF Jewish Bulletin took a pledge that they would not give in to hate either from outside or from inside the Jewish community.

    The JEWISH FEDERATION’s statement on bullying and injustice

    By the way.. those two guys are registered at Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. They are still in need of table linens.