Last May someone sent me a link to a music video called “Get” by a band called The Groggers. I watched it and thought “this video is either completely lame or completely hilarious but I can’t decide which.” I searched for other videos by this band to give me some context but there weren’t any. Except for one posted by the lead singer called “writing a hit.” I thought that was a bit odd because, to my knowledge, this guy had not in fact ever written a hit but I watched it anyways and it was perfect.

I went back and watched “Get” again. This time I found it really funny in a disturbing kind of way. Here, watch it yourself:

If you doubt whether this is indeed humorous watch “writing a hit” like I did and then go back and watch “Get” again.

See what I mean?

All this brings us to the present where The Groggers have done it again by posting their new video “Eishes Chayil” – perhaps the creepiest Jewish Music Video ever. (Full disclosure – I make a cameo)

A good friend of mine after seeing the video wrote –  “this is just crazy… the words are creepy, slightly horrible… I’m too out of touch with the Jewish world to know if they are being ironic or not. Is this “good Jewish music” like there is with Christian music, or is it a parody? Or some kind of post-modern thing like Stephen Colbert, where it’s both bs and for real at the same time?”

It’s reactions like that which make me  love these guys!

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Rav Shmuel is a Rabbi who hangs out in Greenwich Village and plays original compositions on his guitar and ukulele. On the rare occasions when he is not posting artistically rendered photographs on Instagram he can be found posting random videos to Facebook. A few times a year someone holds a gun to his head and says "blog!" So he does.


  • Ok… This was really funny and disturbing and you are right, after watching both videos, I am not sure which one made me feel more uncomfortable…

  • Excellent work. This video is as much a parody on “Music Video’s” as the content commented on above. What is significant to me, in addition to the first rate performances, is the higher and higher levels of production and sophistication represented by this group which enhances the storytelling rather than obscures what in other groups would be mediocrity. These guys are for real.