Blame it all on the Jews!

Helen Thomas struck a defiant pose when she spoke recently at a workshop on anti Arab bias before a crowd of 300 people in Dearborn, Michigan. Despite her apology, she stated that she absolutely stands by her controversial comments about Israel. Not only that but she went even further, making comments that seem to have been taken straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

In a speech that drew a standing ovation, Thomas talked about “the whole question of money involved in politics.” … “We are owned by propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where there mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.”

I don’t begrudge Helen Thomas her right to freely express her opinion, hateful and stupid as it might be. It’s also kind of ironic that these comments were made in Dearborn, Michigan, home of Henry Ford’s 1920s anti-Semitic rag, The Dearborn Independent. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and I have no problem stating clearly and unequivocally that Helen Thomas should promptly go fuck herself.

I might also add that the recent unveiling of a bust of Thomas at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn is not going to advance the cause of warm Jewish / Muslim relations in the US. I mean, we go to bat for you on the ground zero mosque and y’all honor a rabid anti-Jew? Not nice American Muslims. Not nice. Also, Thomas is scheduled to speak at a high school in Dearborn today. You should really keep that hateful, poisonous troll away from your children…

Hat tip: Yid With Lid

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


    • How was that headline sexist exactly? Just the other day I left a comment on Jewcy where I also invited Black Francis, lead singer of the Pixies, to suck my left testicle. I was considering a headline that read “Helen Thomas can go fuck herself” but I figured a woman that old and morally decrepit probably didn’t have the flexibility or natural body fluids to do that. Also I didn’t want to use the word “fuck” in a headline. The point is that there’s really nothing sexist here as far as I can see. But I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong! Please let me know if I am.

      But I am wrong in conflating Arab with Muslim in this post. Helen Thomas is not a Muslim and I knew that. I on the other hand am an Arab Jew. I look forward to the day that the Arab museum in Dearborn has a bust of me put on display. Or any Jew. Shabbat shalom and Allahu Akbar!

  • Vinterrose, I think your idea of “sexist” is different from mine. A sexist comment would have been something like. Helen should go knit stockings or go back to the kitchen. Telling you to suck my testicle isn’t quite the same thing.

  • Sexist?? It would have been sexist had ck said RIGHT TESTICAL, but the fact that he said LEFT TESTICAL makes it completely benign (based on Akkadian and Sumerian sources)….

    also, he wrote SUCK. Had he said LICK, then you might have a point. But SUCK is not in any way sexist.

  • CK,

    Nothing on the attack on Jewish religious texts at Indiana University?

  • We went to bat? I certainly didn’t. And this is what you get and will get. Most would consider your actions illogical.

    Standing ovation? Great.

  • regarding indiana… i had a piece written with an interview with students, but i did not have time to post it. sorry

  • So Helen believes the Jews should leave the land which was stolen from the Arabs, and go back to Russia and Poland where they came from…. OK, that’s her opinion, she’s entitled to it; but if she herself doesn’t leave the land which was stolen from the Native Americans and go back to Lebanon where she came from, then obviously it’s not an opinion which has a lot of philosophical weight behind it, worth attending to.

  • lol

    wanting that shrivled up old hag to suck on ones testicle is not sexist…its digusting

    and gzukier, while american indians are indeed indigenous to the americas…arabs in israel are not…no comparison

    but yes, helen apparently has no prob residing on stolen land

  • I can’t believe this is happening! Like ck, I was sure that after our support for the Ground Zero mosque, things were going to be completely different, on the up and up for Muslim/Arab-Jewish relations.

    I know, let’s continue to back the Muslims on mass immigration to the West. Then things will really get better.

    Also, when we advocate for millions of Muslims to come here, let’s continue to do so in lockstep on behalf of the American Jewish community, even though they don’t want that at all. Well, fuck them! Organized Jewry decides what is and isn’t the Jewish communal agenda, not American Jews themselves!

  • Most Americans agree that U.S. foreign policy is influnced disproportionately by Zionists. A Zionist and a Jew are not one and the same but this website would make you think they are the same. A Zionist is a type of Jewish colonist and expansionist in the Middle East or one who supports such such expansionism.
    Why do so many hypocritical posters here seem to think they deserve a clap on the back for being in favour of the wall of separation between church and state regarding the so-called “Ground Aero Mosque.”?

    • @badger Zionism is the right of the people or nation of Zion (Jews) to self determination
      in their historic native land (Zion)

      And actually opinion polls show Americans consistently support Israel and that is the guiding force of American Foreign policy.

  • Yo Badger! You know, in the real world, colonialists came to exploit lands that they had absolutely no connection to on behalf of the Motherland. However, in your fucked up perception of the Englush language, colonialism seems to apply to the decidedly unprecedented return of an indigenous people to their historical homeland!

    Clearly you need to brush up on your terminology or not be so patently obvious about your hateful and misguided leanings. But thank you for visiting and putting your ignorance so blatantly on display. I am both appalled and amused. Bravo!

  • I just came across this after googling Miriam Schwab after seeing quite a depressing youtube video where Zionists are shown how to vandalize wikipedia (which I looked for after reading archive wiki pages and discussions and witnessing the vandalism for myself – thankfully it’s mostly there for everybody to see).

    I personally have nothing against Judaism, nothing against Islam, and nothing against Christianity. But for the state of Israel to get away with their atrocities against humanity, to have great influence on information and the media, to warp peoples minds into believing that they are a victim it’s disgusting! I am not being anti-semitic although I no doubt will be labeled and dismissed as such since it seems to be a favorite way to dismiss the truth.

    Think like this – pretend that Canada was an evil powerful nation who had been secretly creating nuclear weapons and attacking neighbors. Pretend that they were exposed for covering up horrible events. Nobody would dare question them, they would instantly call for war or worse. But right now we have Israel in that situation and we can’t say anything without being labeled an anti-semitic. People have been conditioned to feel bad for Israel. It’s insane! Even the own citizens of Israel have been brainwashed to subscribe to such nonsense. Even Israel’s own IDF soldiers believe they are defending their rights when in fact they are mostly deployed offensively for evil purposes. I wish the citizens of Israel would wake up and do something about this, but I have my doubts considering Scientology found a way to infiltrate Israel (I give Israel props for being one of the few out there who tried to get rid of them though).

    I don’t want war, I don’t want to approach this situation violently, but there might not be a choice. Americans who watched Palestinians retaliate from having their land stolen were told they were terrorists. Were American revolutionaries terrorists too? Were Native Americans (and other indiginous tribes) terrorists for defending against their genocide? WAKE UP CITIZENS OF AMERICA AND ISRAEL. I really hope that the citizens of Israel are just blind to the atrocities of their government (which the USA is involved with). If you’re in on it, that aint cool.

    Helen Thomas is my hero. I hate when people dissect what she says and mention WWII because she mentioned Germany. WWII has been over for a long period of time and yes Jews are living in Poland and Germany today. I watched a video of the USS Liberty survivors speaking to media and a Jewish gentleman is overheard saying something like “It happened so long ago, can’t we get over it?”. What if somebody said that about a particularly sensitive period of Jewish history that happened during WWII? They would’ve been attacked in the street!

    Please, the information is all out there. Please look at it. Question what is being told as the truth – it’s not the truth. Israel as a political identity is no friend to the USA or any of its Jewish citizens nor is it good for the citizens of Israel.

      • @middle
        Sir you besmirch and dishonour morons by likening them to horii. You have to invent a whole new category of stupid for people like helen thomas and horii.

  • I am an antisemite Jews are so devious, evil, and ugly …oh yeah and they stink like pussy dick and armpits 🙂 go fuck yourselves