Piano Sand Bar (Cred: AP)

It made national news in the USA. What was a grand piano doing in the middle of Biscayne Bay off the coast of Miami Florida. The piano was sitting atop a sandbar, making it one of Miami’s most unusual wet piano bars. Boaters dropped by the piano to play it in the middle of the bay; reporters wondered if it was a prop from a film or commercial; publicity hounds took false credit for it; some wondered if it was a new Florida Key, one of ebony and ivory.

I, personally, knew for sure that it was most likely a publicity stunt gone wrong for the Second Annual Greatest Cantorial Concert in South Florida History gala, which featured 26 cantors and soloists at the Bertha Abess Sanctuary at Temple Israel of Greater Miami.

Temple Israel

Alas. we were all wrong. It turns out to be the work of a teenager who burned and filmed the piano for a Cooper Union college entrance essay, and then, with his father and friends, floated the instrument out to the sandbar… and burned it again.

Honestly… I like my hypothesis better.

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