Everybody wants to get into the act!

They hear the JewliciousFest is kicking off in Long Beach and they need to ride on the publicity coat tails.

Lorre and Sheen in happier times

Charlie Sheen, the star of America’s top rated situation comedy, Two and a Half Men, gave an radio interview to one of his “friends,” Alex Jones, (or maybe a profiteering fr-enemy), in which he made fun of the show’s writer and co-creator, Chuck Lorre. Charlie Sheen, who is undergoing self treatment for various addictions and illnesses, continued to call Chuck by his birth name of “CHaim Levine,” criticizing him as a charlatan who owes Sheen for turning his tin to gold. Continuing to call him “CHaim” during the interview, Sheen, the brother of Emiliio Estevez and son of Martin Sheen, called Lorre a maggot and wished him pain in his silly travels. (Mr. Lorre is currently visiting Israel for the first time and loving it and qvelling about being around so many normal proud confident multi-strata Jewish people. Lorre is a creator of Dharma and Greg, Big Bang Theory, and other shows)


Not to be outdone, Glenn Beck, this week, compared Reform Judaism to radicalized Islam. He apologized on Thursday. Beck said, “I made one of the worst analogies of all time. And I knew it when I said it. Here I am talking about Judaism and I start comparing Islamic extremism. It was a nightmare.”

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  • Your favorite shark jumper to walk off into the deep end isn’t backing down:

    Quoth Sheen: “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special.” As for those who believe he should get help, he snipes: “Fools. Trolls. Weak. Defeated.”


    When “Today” interviewer Jeff Rossen asked whether he’d relapse into further substance abuse, Sheen responded: “I’m fine. Sometimes I overshoot the mark. But whatever…I just won’t do it. I will not believe that if I do something, then I have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people. People that aren’t special. People that don’t have tiger blood or Adonis DNA.”

    Life imitates art. Did anyone seriously ever watch that retarded show of his? I stopped watching network TV in 2001 and cable altogether in 2007, so I can’t render an opinion. But perhaps some of you old-media aficionado zombies out there might be qualified to tell me what it was about that thing that made the self-hypnosis worth it.

  • Sheen was back to calling him Chuck on CNN last night. I think what Sheen was getting at (if anything) was that everyone’s a bullshit artist except him. Poor Charlie seems bent on self-destruction, but even these interviews display what a phenomenal talent he is– they’re as funny as anything on Two and a Half Men. Just another performance, and a good one, but he’s headed down the path that claimed Belushi, John Candy et al.

  • Charlie Sheen breaking a guinness world record and being Compared the Gaddafi he’s ruling the media right now. I’ve been reading his quotes on http://www.charliesheensays.com and i just can’t stop laughing, he’s soo ridicolous

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