The story was just too delicious or jewlicious not to post here. Perhaps you already heard. EasyJet, the UK discount airline, has apologized and apologised to any passengers it offended -Jewish, Muslim or other -this week, when it only had bacon or ham meals on its flight from Israel to the UK.

A spokesmodel for EasyJet says that pork products are banned from the route, but the wrong food package was loaded into the flight. The flight, which was introduced in November with a kosher food menu, lasts for four and a half hours from Ben Gurion Airport to London. But, in error, only ham melts and bacon baguettes were served.

Isn’t this the same budget airline that apologized in 2009 for having models posing at the Berlin Holocaust memorial in its in-flight magazine? Hey… mistakes happen. On the positive side, everyone arrived safely with a smooth landing.

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