Aw man…

This does not make me happy or imbue me with great confidence for the future:

I can try to spin it though, right? These protesters are probably one small, isolated sample – probably what drove the protests in Egypt were things like economic instability, political corruption, lack of freedom etc. The Arab world still seems to be drunk on Israeli haterade fed to them by the same despots that are quaking on their thrones at the moment.

In the past, all societal problems were blamed on the mere existence of Israel and that helped foster stability because the people’s attention was diverted to irrelevant external factors and no one looked internally. That worked relatively well for decades but clearly it’s starting to unravel. I’m hoping that Egyptians will be motivated to change things more by the desire to improve their lives than by an irrational hatred of the Jews. If not then we can always call on our Shark and Vulture battalions to defend Israel I guess.

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