Jewlicious is proud to welcome the Sklar Brothers to our Comedy Stage, Sunday Night, February 26th, at Jewlicious Festival 7.0.

As actors, Randy and Jason Sklar have guest starred in many TV shows, including an Emmy Award winning episode of HBO’s Curb YourEnthusiasm, the cult FX hit “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as well as Adult Swim’s Childrens’ Hospital.

They starred as conjoined twins in a memorable episode of Grey’s Anatomy and as warring agents on HBO’s Entourage. Of the Entourage episode, Entertainment Weekly television critic Paul Katz wrote of their turn, “in the hands of comedic masters, The Sklar Brothers, they made it soar.”

They’ve also appeared in such films as Touchstone’s, Wild Hogs, and Fox Atomic’s, The Comebacks. In November of 2006, Randy and Jason wrapped their 4th and final season of their critically acclaimed comedy series, Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic. They also wrote and appeared in a regular segment on ESPN’s SportsCenter called, “The Bracket” from 2008 to 2009.

In addition they regularly fill in as guest hosts for Jim Rome on his popular nationally syndicated radio show. As stand up comedians, they recorded their second half hour Comedy Central Presents in November 2009 and it premiered in March of 2010.

Neil Strausse of the New York Times said of the Sklars, “Their comedy accepts the reality of being twins but does not use it as a crutch. Instead,” noted Strauss, “they work with their physical and mental similarities and correspondences, their status as imperfect carbon copies of each other. In their comedy, the straight man is often an echo.

Randy and Jason currently reside in Los Angeles, where they record their new weekly sports comedy podcast Sklarbro Country for

Entrance to the Comedy Stage comes with every weekend festival pass.

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WEB SERIES “HELD UP” now Available on iTunes
CHEAP SEATS DVD in the works more info to come

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