A package placed by the 74 bus stop in front of Binyanei Hauma exploded this afternoon in Jerusalem injuring 39 people, 4 of them seriously. I was listening to Infected Mushroom when suddenly I heard an arrhythmic boom, something that clearly didn’t belong to the song. Maybe a minute later I heard sirens and when I peeked out I saw that the explosion took place just down the street from where I live. As I stupidly made my way to the Central bus station, I frantically called everyone I loved to make sure they were ok. We were lucky the bomb did not go off in the bus and that this time the grandmasters of terror decided not to use a suicide bomber. That 74 bus is usually very, very packed – as it is the bus itself was hardly damaged at all. As I made my way up to the scene I saw many people clearly shaken, some crying. One has to wonder if this signals a return to the bad old days? Is this Intifadah III? I doubt it. The fuckers got lucky and managed to sneak some explosives into the city center. I doubt they’ll get lucky again given the heightened security and the wall that keeps out the bad people hell bent on killing innocent civilians. This latest attack is a return to an older method of terrorism, one we haven’t really seen in a long time. My guess is that whoever the bomber was, he or she probably did not have to cross a checkpoint to get to the bus station. But that’s just a guess, hopefully we’ll know more soon when whoever was behind this chickenshit attack gets caught. Someone let my Mom know I’m ok!

Word just in from Israel Radio that a 60 year old lady succumbed from her wounds in the attack. Another glorious victory for a free Palestine!

Here’s some raw footage from AP:

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