Gallup, the international polling and survey research firm, has been calling hundreds of thousands of Americans each year and measuring the parts that comprise “the good life.” From the answers they receive, they build the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Recently, The New York Times asked Gallup to develop the characteristics that make up the happiest American.

The happiest American, statistically, is male, older, at least 65, taller than average, married, Asian-American (you know that the average earthling is a Han Chinese man), makes over $120,000 USD a year, runs a business, and resides in Hawaii. Oh…. and the person would be an observant Jew.

Well, the New York Times found him. Alvin Wong is 69, Asian American, and Jewish, and he lives in Hawaii. He fits the rest of the profile also. He is a 5’10”, observes kashrut, and owns an oncall health care management business. His wife is Trudy Schandler-Wong. He is also a dues paying member of a Honolulu synagogue.

The second happiest man in America? He is probably at #Tribefest

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