Have you registered for Birthright Israel? While contemplating your free 10-day trip, which will be awesome, why not contemplate what you will do after the trip? Like you’re already there right? Why not stay a while? And if so why not consider spending a few super inexpensive weeks with Livnot U’Lehibanot in the mystical city of Tsfat? The program definitely inspires envy – at least from me, but luckily I am flying back home to Israel tomorrow. It also inspires gorgeous photography and… poetry!

Sunset over Mt. Meron

I CAME for the hiking, the sunsets over Meron.
I walked the ancient alleyways and felt Tzfat was my home.
We hiked, we learned, we cooked, we danced.

WE ATE olives and carob, hiked sea to sea.
Flas floods in the Negev, rainbows in Tzfat.

THE STAFF was awesome,
answered our questions and shared from thier hearts.
We cried, we laughed, we sang, and we ate.

MONTHS LATER it was time to go back,
but what would I do about Shabbat and the spiritual lack?

OFF TO NY with past Chevre galore, Alumnot, Shabbat Livnot-style wherever we were.
Then to Berkeley with Chevre so dear.
But all along Israel kept calling, always yearning to be near.
The time was right, Aliyah finally happened,
Livnot involved in its own special way.

THANKS TO EVERYONE who has been on Livnot, the Chevre, the staff, the teachers-my friends.
Keep shining your light and doing what you do.
Every day you touch the life of another special jew.

-Heather Meiselman
Livnot U’Lehibanot Alum

Visit Livnot U’Lehibanot for more information and a wide variety of programs

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  • Hi , iam 29 years old , and never been Israel ! do you have any free trip to Israel ?

  • The Livnot subsidized birthright extension trips are continuing through 2011 and 2012. Programs of one week through four weeks are running in Tzfat throughout the year. Hiking, volunteering, classes, seminars and workshops. Open to people extending their birthright tickets, other Taglit alumni who want to return to Israel and people aged 20 – 30 who have never been to Israel.

    Laurie at Livnot
    Livnot U’Lehibanot