There was a staff position massacre at National Public Radio (NPR) in American today.

Vivian Schiller, NPR’s President of CEO resigned, as did Ron Schiller (no relation), the President of the NPR Foundation and the radio network’s VP for development (the nice way of saying fund raising).

Ron Schiller, who was scheduled to leave his position in May, left immediately, after it was publicized that he made disparaging remarks and generalizations about members or adherents of the T.E.A. Party. He also informed his new employer, The Aspen Institute’s Harman-Eisner Artist-in-Residence Program, that he would not join them out of respect for their mission and the injury he might bring to them after his publicized comments.

TEA Party fans were outraged by Schiller’s comments. But what he also implied was that Jews control the print media in America.

He made these comments in a right-wing pundit sting operation reminiscent of ABSCAM. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas made an undercover video of men posing as affluent donors to NPR, who said they were Muslim, pro-Sharia, and from the “Muslim Education Action Center,” a fictitious group with a pretty website.

Schiller and his colleague, Betsy Liley, met with “Amir Malik” and “Ibrahim Kasaam” the Washington DC’s Cafe Milano (Try the mussels in white and lemon broth) and said that the Tea Party is racist, conservative activists are not real “Christians,” and that America’s uneducated mass of citizens have too much political power. Click HERE to watch parts of the video.

His guests stated that they wanted to contribute $5 million to NPR. The “donors” said that Jews controlled the media. Schiller responded that they need not worry, since there is no “Zionist influence” at NPR,.. but that influence is found in newspapers that are owned by [Jews.] One of the “donors” joked that NPR should be known as “National Palestinian Radio.”

Vivian Schiller resigned today upon hearing the news about her fundraiser.

Well… if you ask me.. many fundraisers and salespeople, on the right, left, or middle will say anything to help their groups and meet their goals, and they have no influence over news production and policy. But it is still sad to see people who believe idiotic ideas or say anything for a buck.

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  • PBS (a relative of NPR) also had lunch with this faux group. Their conversations were perplexing. The PBS execs returned to their desks with “profound concerns” about the Middle East Action Center. They started to investigate the group further and their attempts to confirm the credentials of the organization proved unsatisfactory. PBS there halted any further discussions with the group.

    I have asked around… and as of this writing… it is my understanding that the faux “Middle East Action Center” did NOT contact the JewliciousFest for a free lunch, kosher or otherwise, nor did it offer to donate $5 Million.

    • Schiller was obviously very hungry, he is wolfing down that food. What he said about Jews is far more offensive than what his lunch partners were saying about Jews, because it’s him saying it. Outright anti-Semitism…in the cause of raising money for a public radio network that employs many Jews.

  • A link to the fake website and another to the cafe, yet no link to the site that broke the story nor any embedded video. This is a WordPress site. I’ve built dozens of them. If you guys need me to teach you how to embed videos or add a plugin that helps you do so, I’d be glad to do so for free without accusing you of controlling the media to boot!

    Why not let every Jew see a. how people at NPR “really feel”, b. what type of Jews would sit through and listen to outright anti-Semitism AND nod along, and c. listen to a Jew talk about right wing intolerance while meeting with proponents of Shariah without breaking a sweat of intellectual honesty?

    This is everything I’ve been saying about NPR and many liberal American Jew sellouts for years, and boy do I feel vindicated. I CAN’T WAIT for more footage to be released. Can’t wait! “It’s hard out there for a Schiller!”

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      • thanks… i dont really need help. i thought it said Esther K and not Alex K…. so i was mistaken

  • Remember, NPR, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.

    If Eric Cantor has anything to do with it.

  • And speaking of the latest $250 Million Dollar lawsuit against Dov Charney (well, I was, even if you weren’t) he should’ve sexually harassed me when I wanted him to and kept himself out of trouble.

  • I guess I’ve been mostly on Facebook but I do miss you guys,especially when a Jewlicious news story like this hits.

    Up to the usual antics… seeking an appropriate mate and failing. It just does my heart wonders to see an age, race and religion-appropriate male seeking a 17 year old hispanic girl.

  • As to the NPR thing, I honestly don’t understand why that Vivian resigned. Unless she has another big gig already lined-up, she could’ve put all the blame on Ron, thrown him under the bus and kept her job. I suppose he was going to out her on some rather unflattering things if she didn’t resign. In this economy where is she going to get another sweet job like CEO?

  • An Open Letter from the on air reporters at NPR

    Dear Listeners and Supporters,

    We, and our colleagues at NPR News, strive every day to bring you the highest quality news programs possible. So, like you, we were appalled by the offensive comments made recently by NPR’s now former Senior Vice President for Development. His words violated the basic principles by which we live and work: accuracy and open-mindedness, fairness and respect.

    Those comments have done real damage to NPR. But we’re confident that the culture of professionalism we have built, and the journalistic values we have upheld for the past four decades, will prevail. We are determined to continue bringing you the daily journalism that you’ve come to expect and rely upon: fair, fact-based, in-depth reporting from at home and around the world.

    With your support we have no doubt NPR will come out of this difficult period stronger than ever.

    Thank you,

    Robert Siegel
    Michele Norris
    Melissa Block
    Renee Montagne
    Scott Simon
    Liane Hansen
    Guy Raz
    Michel Martin
    Neal Conan
    Susan Stamberg
    Nina Totenberg
    Linda Wertheimer
    Daniel Zwerdling
    John Ydstie
    Richard Harris
    Tom Gjelten
    Howard Berkes
    Mike Shuster
    Laura Sullivan
    Lynn Neary
    Jacki Lyden
    Mara Liasson
    Cokie Roberts
    John Burnett