Protesters in Libya deface a billboard with Gadhafi on it (AP)

I worry about the masses who question the the idea that they live under tyranny yet fail to question the ideas of the tyrants. Once and for all people; Zionism and Nazism are NOT morally equivalent. The Swastika and the Star of David do NOT belong side by side. This is not my opinion. This is a fact.

Please, people of Libya and Egypt and Bahrain and Yemen and Saudi Arabia, throw off the chains of your servitude and exert your rights to be free to recognize how your leaders have used Israel as the foil to the dictatorial exploitation of their own citizens. Please, as you exert your rights and gain the freedom you deserve, throw out the baby with the bathwater!

rav shmuel
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rav shmuel

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  • Mazel Tov Shevet Y’hudah, all the nations want a piece of you. *lukewarm applause* Not that that particular tribe is anymore nasty than Europe (doesn’t help that its economy is a bit tied up w/the cursed northern continent), but for real, Yuck! Gross. aka NASTY ASSYRIA.

    Defacing billboards w/ Oxen (representative of the Tribe of Yoseph) doesn’t seem as cryptic or cool. It wouldn’t be easy. And it doesn’t take a genius to rub shit in (which “defacement” really is). I think rabid anti-Semites/anti-Zionists/anti-Israel activists in The West (because everything that goes wrong in the corrupt world is because of that arrogant navigation) are really closeted excrement fetishists & amateur occultists obsessed w/ weird-looking symbols. but they look so damn HOT, for being an occupied American nation of orphans, essentially.

    I’m not saying ban the magen david. I’m just saying bring in a switch hitter for a change. The nations’ ayin hara is getting out of hand. How ’bout B’nei Dan from Ethiopia and their Snake symbol or B’nei Menashe from the Indosphere and their Ox Symbol? But see, privileged hipster activists in America (who are really wanna-be Euro-Fascist extractions), would be ushered into utter derision, besides being less likely to mess with a person of color these days. Wouldn’t be as attractive to Euro-Americans, anyway, since that’s what they’re known to feast their eyes on: sex

    Beis Israel or Beis Y’hudah: It’s pretty clear who is more immune to the nations’ bullying and stalking.

    BE SPECIFIC. It’s not about being p.c., it’s about HONOR. As my former mentor in Tzfat say: “If you call someone from the tribe of Menashe Yehudi he will rightfully say to you: ‘I am not a Yehudi. I am Menashi.’ Same would properly go for the members of other tribes. A person from the tribe of Dan (like the Ethiopians) are Dani, not Yehudi.” — D2

    Alas, many Jews of Color (Stateside) are prolly not Jewish at all, but a descendant of one of the other Israeli shevatim. i suppose, everyone in the west and their charistmatic pentecostal momeleh wants Y’hudah’s bracha. To think Israel is complete is being PRESUMPTUOUS. the other tribal brachot are on hold until further awareness. how sad.