As Canadians are gearing up for their federal election May 2, the country is attentively listening to what each Party can do for them. One issue important to Jewish Canadians is each of the four Party’s stance on Israel and the Jewish people.

Thankfully CJPAC, through the “It’s up to you” campaign, has made a video about this exact issue featuring its four bloggers from across the country.

I found myself surprised and really liking the Green Party’s response of investing in energy alternatives, which we know Israel is full of.

Take a look:

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  • The only pro Israel candidate is Prime Minister Harper. His government has always voted with Israel at the UN, boycotted Durbin 2, stopped Hezbollah to fundraise in Canada, (which the previous Liberal government allowed) etc. Meanwhile, the Liberal Ignatieff accused Israel of committing war crimes in Lebanon during the last conflict. The two other parties, NDP & Greens, are hard left wing parties who openly sympathize with the Fakestinians. Harper would get more votes by piling on Israel but he is a decent man, a man of moral clarity, a real mensch!