This brief, 3-minute video shows footage of the annual Al-Quds Day Rally held at Queen’s Park (the Ontario Legislature) in Toronto, which took place this past Sunday, August 28th.

Speakers are seen describing Israel as a “cancer” that must be killed, Israel is accused of being involved “wherever we see injustice happening”, and Israelis are called “racists”, “barbarians”, and “inhuman”. The flag of Hezbollah, a terror organization banned under Canadian law, is also flown by demonstrators.

It is important for people to understand that there is a world of difference between legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies and a denial of the right of Israel to exist, in language that is without question anti-Semitic. In the case of this rally, ‘criticism’ of Israel quickly crossed the line into outright anti-Semitism.

The video also shows how those who genuinely believe in human rights often share a podium with hate-filled extremists. Those activists should be accountable for the company they keep.

This is a video project the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has launched today, to highlight the link between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

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  • Clearly there are serous issues about Jew hatred among these speakers. It’s frightening. Sadly I witnessed this for years at UC Irvine. However, let’s not forget that overwhelmingly Americans and Canadians don not, thank God, support this horrific kind of rally.

    The opinions here are abhorrent.

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