When I first read about Grace Oberhofer in Gawker, I didn’t know what to think. See, Grace was waitlisted at Harvard. Maybe to relieve some stress, Grace wrote a song and then recorded herself singing it on YouTube. The song, titled “Dear Harvard” is a sort of comic plea for admission, where, amongst other things, she promises not to pee on the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard. But there was just something – was it the Pacific Northwest vibe? The earnest, can-do attitude that Grace exhibits? The pure chutzpah that she demonstrates?

So I did a little digging around and wouldn’t you know it? Grace is an MOT! According to her 30th anniversary class reunion bio, Grace’s mom Jill, maiden name Goodman, went to Brandeis and Grace went to BIMA Jewish arts camp (also at Brandeis). Furthermore, Grace’s older brothers attended/are attending NYU and Harvard. OK that last bit has no bearing on Grace’s Jewishness, but still. She’s a Jewess. So I guess that means the video is ok and I hope that Grace makes it to Harvard. God, I am so predictable. But whatever, it gave me an excuse to put up this video which is kind of funny. Also, what’s with those glasses??

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  • Well, if she won’t get drunk and piss on John Harvard, then she’ll never fit in with Harvard’s undergraduate riff-raff. Best she seek opportunities elsewhere.

  • She got the glasses on her service and study trip to China. She rocks.

    • I have no doubt that she rocks. And she did a Tikkun Olam project in China! She definitely rocks those glasses…

  •   Cate PearceMay 30, 2011Beautiful pics, love those pink skies.Good luck with the book, you go girl, you can do it, you dont need sleep do you….?