Most people do. Especially when they’re new born and all cute and everything. But please, let’s not overdo it ok? I’m not talking about doting on your children, or liking them too much. I am talking about literally liking them so much that you name them “Like.” As in Facebook like, as in the name a couple in Israel chose for their new born daughter. Lior and Vardit Adler, from Hod Hasharon:

…Decided not to wait for Facebook users to click on the “like” button when seeing photographs of their newborn baby girl. Instead, they pre-empted them by naming her: Like… the father told the German Press Agency … “If once people gave Biblical names and that was the icon, then today this is one of the most famous icons in the world,” he said, joking that the name could be seen as a modern version of the traditional Jewish name Ahuva, which means “beloved.”

Pretty weird, right? But, maybe one day, when things calm down in the Middle East, when peace and love reign supreme, “Like” Adler can have a play date with “Facebook” Ibrahim, the unfortunately named newborn daughter of Egyptian Jamal Ibrahim. Jamal of course wanted to honor the revolution that began on Facebook and figured that “Tahrir Square” was too unwieldy a name. As opposed to Facebook. Which is practically lyrical in comparison.

Clearly we have all lost our minds. I hope the children will forgive us. Please don’t forget to “Like” this post on Facebook.

Note: The child in the illustration is my niece. Her parents are normal. They named her after a running shoe.

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  • True, to each his own. But in French “Like” sounds like “laic” which means secular. And in Arabic, a few choice swear words end in buk – like “a dini buk” (more or less) – the “buk” part means your father. So Face a buk in Arabic could be interpreted as your father’s face. In all cases these are weird name choices.