Bieber's latest teen tattoo

Hi there Hebrew speaking Bieber fans. The news is out. While in Israel, the teen-aged Bieber reportedly visited a tattoo parlour with the permission of his mother, and he got a Hebrew letter tattoo on the left side of his ribcage.

The Hebrew letters spell Yeshua, which I think is ck’s Hebrew name? Or it is for Justin’s true love: Jesus. The ironic thing is that someone told me that Jesus has a Bieber tattoo on His chest.Bieber, who visited Israel on his recent World Tour prior to Passover, also has a small tatoo of a zipporah on his hip. A friend of his father inked him with the tiny bird for his 16th birthday in 2010.

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  • Dude should be careful mixing Hebrew alphabet and little bird tattoos. Isn’t the Yiddish for little bird “faygele?”

  • David.. Scooter did not TEACH him a prayer. Justin looked it up on the internet himself, and taught it to himself

  • Justin: “My team gather in a tight huddle. Mom thanks God for all the blessings that have poured out on us. Mama Jan prays that my voice will be empowered with love. I pray for the safety of me and my dance crew and everyone above and below the stage. Dan leads us in ancient Hebrew prayer Scooter taught us. ‘Sh’ma Yis’ra’eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.’ (Hear, oh Israel, that the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.)” (Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, pp. 236-237). After reciting the Shema syllable-perfect in an interview, Justin paused, then said: “Christianity was based off of Jesus being a Jew. I respect it.” (The Guardian, November 13, 2010).

    BTW, I think the bird tattoo is a dove.

  • Regarding the Bieber tatoo…

    One can respect Yeshua and his words and
    his dedication and his Jewishness, (though
    he was decended from Jesse and David from
    the line of Benjamin also, let’s say ‘Hebrewness'”)

    It cannot be understated how Yeshua’s example has
    benefited untold millions of gentiles…As well
    as orthodox…Yeshua’s first loyalty was to the
    Jewish community, and he practiced the Sabbath and
    Kosher laws as well as Purim, passover, etc…

    I know most Chistians are exasperating, as they
    are goyim in every way often, non kosher, and
    abusing the forgiveness and acceptance of Yeshua
    as an excuse to be even worse citizens and family
    members…Or good family and awful, opportunitstic
    citizens…At least a dedicated gentile, kosher, sabbath
    honoring, and scholarly practicing and prayerful, mindful
    an thoughtful is often a good ally for those
    of Gods chosen. And, YWHA willing, will assist with
    the inclusion of a Sustained utopia the likes of which
    the world has never known…

  • It look so interesting, it reminds me of the handmade art by Israeli women that i saw on the website every women has a unique israeli story and beutiful handmade jewelry…
    you should really check it out.

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